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23 is Back Readers In Pensacola Should Attend Sneaker Expo

Source: Michael Smith.

This news will definitely be of interest for all those 23 is Back visitors who are from Pensacola, Florida. In fact, sneaker aficionados from all over the country are going to be gathering at the Sneaker Expo this Saturday. Sneakers will be purchased, sold and traded by collectors of all ages while shoe customizers and vendors will share their knowledge and show off their kicks. Even a live sneaker auction is going to take place. So, apart from Jordan release dates 2014 and Jordan release 2015 news, this also something that Jordanheads should look forward to.

The event is organized by Chris Dunning to unite sneakerheads like him in the area and continue his lifelong passion and love for shoes. Chris and his family happen to be from Chicago, so he obviously feels somewhat of a connection to Michael Jordan and Air Jordans. By the time Chris was in high school, Air Jordans were selling for $200.

Sneaker Expo(Photo: Michael Smith)  Chris eventually began collecting shoes after getting a summer job and saving his money. Almost fifty rare and valuable sneakers are included in his current collection. However, a special pair of Jordan 5 RetroBlack Metallic” happens to be his favorite. Michael Jordan’s Jordan 5 from 1990 served as inspiration for this pair, which was released in 2006.

For today’s expo, Chris looks forward to unite collectors and sneakerheads, including Gregory “Junior” Thomas Jr., his childhood friend. Gregory is probably even more devoted to sneakers considering that he wore Jordan 3 Retro “Do The Right Thing” to his senior prom and got his outfit design to match them.

Of course, the sneaker had been a limited edition at the time and had been sold out, so Gregory had to pay $240 to buy a pair online. It is not surprising, considering that the pair has quite the history behind it. Today’s sneaker expo is an opportunity for all those sneakerheads who have been marking their Jordan 2015 on their calendar.

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