This Nearly All-Black Air Jordan 1 Is Entirely Made Up Of Patent Leather

The trend of utilizing patent leather on footwear, including sneakers, had taken off back in 2006 since people had grown tremendously fond of wearing bold and vibrant shoes. Patent leather is often also referred to as PVC, patent vinyl and wet look vinyl, but those are actually not all the same. The origin of patent leather can be traced back to Japanning, which itself refers to the application of hard black varnish onto leather. The process by which patent leather is created today was perfected back in 1818. The latest iteration of the Air Jordan 1 that Jordan Brand has whipped is also entirely made up of patent leather.

air-jordan-1-high-patent-leather-2The process through which patent leather was created was patented, so that is how it got its name. Back then, the glossy finish was created by bonding a linseed coating to the leather. In recent times, linseed has been replaced with petroleum products. Genuine, traditional patent leather does not come too many colors, with black being the most common. Poromeric leather, a similar type of leather although not the same, is often mistaken for patent leather. Of course, when buying a patent sneaker from Jordan Brand like the one featured here, sneakerheads can be certain that material their kicks are indeed genuine patent leather.

The Air JordanTop 3” recently made its retail debut on November 28th, but there are probably many sneakerheads who were not interested in copping a pair. In that case, perhaps they will find this all-Black Air Jordan 1 rendition more appealing. Its uppers really are made up of genuine patent leather, dressed up two different tones of Black. Its midsoles are covered in White and the same hue also appears on the Jumpman branding that can be spotted on the tongues.

air-jordan-1-high-patent-leather-3For many sneakerheads, the mismatched coloring of the Air Jordan 1 “Top 3” is perhaps not captivating enough. Hence, they go for this more ominous version and grab a pair of this patent leather-covered Air Jordan 1 right away at a price of $150 since it is already available.

air-jordan-1-high-patent-leather-4Air Jordan 1 High “Patent Leather”
Release Date: December 1st, 2016
332550-017 | $150



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