Jabari Parker Unveils An On-Foot Look Of His Air Jordan 12 “Milwaukee Bucks”

Once, Ray Allen was the only professional basketball player in the NBA to sport “Milwaukee Bucks” colorways of Air Jordan Retro Player Exclusives. However, that was a thing of the past. Earlier this year, Jordan Brand had welcomed Jabari Parker into the Jordan Family of athletes. This obviously meant that 23isBack readers would have to keep their eyes on him for all the Player Exclusive itineration of Jordan legacy and performance sneakers that he would be boasting. The Air Jordan XII “Milwaukee Bucks” is proof of this, but this new jordans will probably not be associated with any Jordan release dates 2015 or 2014 just yet.

23 is Back readers had probably not been expecting it to happen expecting it to happen so soon. Just recently, Jabari Parker, the rookie from the Milwaukee Bucks, had been spotted wearing an exclusive Air Jordan 12 PE “Milwaukee Bucks” on his feet. For Jordan heads who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the kicks, it must have felt quite like Christmas, especially because of the color combination. As can be seen here, this Air Jordan 12 Retro pair features the Bucks colors, i.e. dark red, green, and white.

jabari-parker-air-jordan-xii-12-bucks-pe Considering the appearance of this Player Exclusive sneaker, it can only be assumed that as a Jordan Brand athlete, Jabari Parker’s rest of the season will prove to be quite bright. Keeping in mind the PE’s that have made exclusively for other Jordan Brand athletes like Carmelo Anthony, Ray Allen and Russell Westbrook, Jabari will not be disappointed with what JB has in store for him.

jabari-parker-air-jordan-xii-12-bucks-pe2The classic white upper of this Player Exclusive sneaker has been dressed up in the dark red and green of the Milwaukee Bucks. However, 23isBack release dates readers may have probably noticed that there is no Jabari Parker branding on this sneaker. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that any Jordan release dates 2015 or 2014 will be attached with this Air Jordan 12 PE “Milwaukee Bucks.”

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