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Which Air Jordan 1 Retro ’99 Pair To Buy & From Where?

Recently, readers had been informed that July 9 was one the latest Jordan release dates 2014 that they would want to keep an eye on. However, for those who forgot, the Air Jordan 1 ’99 arrived in retail stores just 4 days ago and now, all you Air Jordan fans who visit 23 is Back have something to cheer for. The “vibrant yellow” model was launched by Nike at 8:00 a.m. EDT this Wednesday, and so there is plenty of time to cop a pair.

air-jordan-1-retro-99-thunder-black-toe-00A blend of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 14 is featured by the “Vibrant Yellow” colorway of Jordan 1 Retro ’99. Air Jordan 14 designs and materials are visible on the shoe, such as the iconic heel piece, mesh on the tongue and the side stitched panels. No wonder, Jordanheads all over the world want to get their hands on this pair.

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Jordan Future Flight Remix Is Jordan Brand’s Latest Hybrid Model

23isback>>Air Jordan Collection>>Jordan Flight Remix

23isBack readers probably have mixed feelings about the upcoming Air Future Jordan Flight Remix, but they will agree that this pair deserves to be dubbed “Future” since this hybrid sneaker looks so futuristic. Then again, a wide range of this sort of new jordans has been released in the past. The only difference was that it was never easy to figure out where the inspiration truly came from for those mashed-up models. As a result, this makes July 23 one of the most notable Jordan release dates 2014, especially for a hybrid release. Continue reading Jordan Future Flight Remix Is Jordan Brand’s Latest Hybrid Model

Cop Two Jordan 1 ’99 Colorways Earlier On eBay

Out of the latest Jordan release dates 2014, July 9 is next in line since these new debut colors of Jordan 1 ’99 are hitting the shelves next week. Considering the fact that they are showing up on Wednesday, it is obvious that the normal release procedures are being defied by these new jordans. However, then again, Air Jordan 1 has a history of being more vulnerable than most Jordan sneakers to disregard the tradition of being released on Saturday. The “Cool Grey/Vibrant Yellow-Black” colorway is somewhat of a reminder of Jordan 14 Retro that was released just yesterday, while the “White/Black-Gym Red” colorway is foreshadowing the Jordan 14 Retro of the same nature.

jordan-1-99-cool-grey-vibrant-yellow-black-white-05The “Cool Grey” colorway of Jordan I ’99 is a representation of two important sneakers worn by Michael Jordan. Those two sneakers are Jordan I that was worn by MJ when he entered the league and Jordan 14 that he wore for the last time on the court before exiting the league. Of course, rather than old colorways, new colorways have dominated Jordan 14 in the 2014 retros that have been previewed here at 23isBack so far. Thus, it is not unusual that the Air Jordan 1 ’99 is debuting with such an unfamiliar palette. Continue reading Cop Two Jordan 1 ’99 Colorways Earlier On eBay

The Air Jordan 14 “Thunder” Adds A Whole New Touch To A Very Familiar Colorway

Among the new Jordans 2014 that Jordan Brand is bringing back this year is the Air Jordan 14. Some readers probably might have heard about the Air Jordan 14 Retro “Black Toe” towards the end of last year. However, 23isBACK.me is updating you on the arrival of another colorway of the Air Jordan 14, which has been dubbed “Thunder.”

 Jordan 14 “Thunder”   This is certainly not the first time for an Air Jordan sneaker to sport the “Thunder” theme, but it seems that the Air Jordan 14 is next in line. Although this colorway features the same yellow that has been spotted on the “Lightning” colorway, however, the “Thunder” moniker fits this one quite well since it is a black and yellow pair. This also happens to be the very first of the colorways of the Air Jordan 14 that are scheduled to be released this year.

In the past, Jordan Brand has rarely repeated a colorway on a sneaker when the colorway has already appeared on another model previous. Of course, one exception to this tradition is the Chicago Bulls style. Usually, Jordan Brand is known for its practice of introducing new colorways and/or combinations, but this colorway of the Air Jordan XIV goes against that practice Why? Well, because a Retro “Thunder” colorway of the Air Jordan IV had already been released just last year.

The latest images of the Air Jordan 14 “Thunder” that have surfaced provide quite a clear and closer too at this upcoming pair. Based on the recent buzz and these images, these sneakers have a black nubuck upper with black lining, and even the outsole is black. What deem this pair worthy of the “Thunder” moniker is the touches of yellow featured on the Jordan branding, midsole, and outsole.

The thing that sets the Air Jordan 14 “Thunder” apart is that not only does this colorway really work, it excels and surpasses beyond the boundary and purpose of being just another sneaker model. As mentioned, the first time this colorway had become prominent was back when the same colorway had been released for the Air Jordan IV and today; this “Thunder” colorway is admired as a Jordan classic. Jordan Brand again repeated this colorway on the Air Jordan I “New Love,” which also took the sneaker market by storm. Now, this black and yellow colorway is been put on this fresh new pair of upcoming Air Jordan 14s.

As was the case with the very first Air Jordan 14, this “Thunder” pair is also inspired from the Ferrari. This pair is quite simple but the combination of colors and materials is exceptional. The good news that 23isBACK.me brings is that this pair is among the new Jordans 2014 that actually have release date. Thus, the Air Jordan 14 “Thunder” is all set to make its retail debut on July 4, which is almost eight days away.