An All-White Public School x Air Jordan 15 Might Be On Its Way

New York is among the world’s best destinations for travelers of all ages and interests. New York is full of activities that are fun for parents and children who are traveling together on a family vacation. There are a lot of things that can be done in the city and there are plenty of opportunities for a family to get introduce to new and exciting things. Below are some ideas for families planning to vacation in New York that will entice all the members of the family. Enthusiasts of designer street likely also visit Public School NYC stores and apparently another PSNY x Jordan Brand collaboration is underway.

Families on vacation in New York can explore through some of the settings for films and television shows in the city. Top Of The Rock is a topnotch sightseeing attraction in midtown Manhattan. The Empire State Building is one certainly among New York City’s most famous landmarks and families relish the startling views of the city from its height. Families with children who not only want to fun in New York, but also learn a thing or two should visit Orchard Street by taking the subway down to the Lower East Side. Public School NYC has stores all over the city, such as in Brooklyn, East Hampton and Madison Avenue.

Sneakerheads probably already know about the three PSNY x Air Jordan 12 colorways that will be joining upcoming Air Jordan releases 2017. It turns out that they may have designed more than just Air Jordan 12 iterations. Dao-Yi Chow, who happens to be one of the fashion designers from Public School, shared the photo above on his Instagram account (@alldaydaoyi). It showcases the heel of an all-White Air Jordan 15 shoe, which has “PSNY” vertically debossed into it.

Some are claiming that this photo might just be Photoshopped, but considering that someone from Public School New York posted it, there has to be some reason behind it. Hence, there may actually be a Public School x Air Jordan 15 on the way.

PSNY x Air Jordan 15

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