This Upcoming Air Jordan 5 “Triple Black” Could Actually Be Worn During Summer

Even though summer is not here already, people are probably already planning to dress up in white, whether it be clothing or footwear. The reason that white clothing and footwear become a preferred choice once the warmer months start nearing is because people are led to believe that the color keeps them cool, which is actually not the case. Contrary to what they have been led to believe, basic biology and physics suggest that it is actually black clothing and footwear that can help them stay cool when the heat rises. Perhaps that is why Jordan Brand will be dropping this Air Jordan 5 PremiumTriple Black.”

The Air Jordan 5 Premium “Pure Platinum” already joined the recent Air Jordan releases 2017 and it seems the one featured here will follow up. While white can certainly look good, people also seem to believe that it is ideal if they want to stay cool in the summer it reflects the sun’s searing ultraviolet rays back. However, considering that human beings are warm-blooded, mammals, their own bodies also generate heat and by wearing white-colored clothing and footwear, that heat gets trapped. By wearing black clothing and footwear, a person’s own body heat will get absorbed and then radiated, as long as it is slightly windy.

The Air Jordan 5 Premium “Triple Black” iteration featured here can be regarded as somewhat of a complete opposite of the “Pure Platinum” one. This rendition literally is all-Black. Every inch of is sleek-looking uppers is covered in Black and Black entirely covers its midsoles and outsoles as well, which is the reason it has been dubbed “Triple Black.” Of course, since it is a premium release, it also sports features like carbon fiber-like lace eyelets, embossed “AIR JORDAN” branding and “Flight” tongue tags. Furthermore, its outsoles are actually translucent, with a smoky Black look.

The Air Jordan 5 Premium “Pure Platinum” has already made its retail debut at a price of $400 on April 22nd. This Air Jordan 5 Premium “Triple Black” will also likely end up retailing at the same price and it will reportedly be joining July’s Air Jordan releases 2017.

Air Jordan 5 Premium “Triple Black”
Release Date: July 2017
| $400

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