This Custom Jordan 2 Is Inspired By #2 Pencils Used For Scantron Tests

Sneakerheads who are reading this must have given a Scantron test at some point or another. Many of them must have also wondered why they were instructed to only use a #2 pencil when giving a Scantron test. Of course, this is no longer the case in most instances since modern day Scantron systems have become quite advanced and high-tech, using sophisticated algorithms and sensors in order to process the image of the form. However, it is unlikely that any of them would have assumed or expected someone would take an Air Jordan 2 and give it a custom makeover inspired by the #2 pencil.

Air Jordan 2-2These days, it no longer matters what type of pencil you use or even if you use a pen when giving a Scantron test. However, models of Scantron systems were not as sophisticated back in the days. Hence, in order to accurately process the markings made on a Scantron form without any errors or false positives, they need to be opaque enough. Apparently, markings made with #2 pencils had just the right balance of darkness and hardness to be opaque enough while also not smudging. It may seem odd but it is not so unusual that #2 pencils are the source of inspiration behind this sneaker.

At least this seems to be the case with D’Wayne Edwards and his team from Pensole Footwear Design Academy, who designed this sneaker. It is not a coincidence that they selected the Air Jordan 2 to serve as the base for a custom rendition inspired by #2 pencils. Since #2 pencils came in either an orange or yellow color, this sneaker’s uppers are predominantly dressed up in a Golden Yellow hue while the inner linings are covered in Pink to represent the pencil’s eraser. The pencil’s graphite has been mimicked in the form of the Black heel counter detailing and the Grayish Black outsoles. This sneaker is even equipped with Pink-colored lace aglets that are made of actual rubber and it even sports Metallic piping representing a pencil’s “ferrule,” which holds the eraser in place.

Air Jordan 2-3As is the case with custom sneakers, the Pensole Footwear Design Academy have no intention of offering this Air Jordan 2 iteration on a larger scale. However, this custom Air Jordan 2 pair can still be viewed by anyone who is currently in Portland, Oregon by visiting Deadstock Coffee.

Air Jordan 2-4Air Jordan 2

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