This Air Jordan 11 “Moon Landing” Iteration Is A Spanish April Fool-Like Prank

SpaceX recently landed the reusable Falcon 9 rocket successfully on the moon and apparently this was the perfect moment for Jordan Brand to drop an Air Jordan rendition to commemorate the occasion. Just a day after Christmas, photos of a brand new Air Jordan 11 iteration surfaced, which is being referred to as the “Moon Landing” colorway. Initially, very little information was available apart from a rumored date on which its Jordan release date would supposedly take place. Even then, there were lots of doubts and questions regarding this sneaker, including whether or not it would actually hit the shelves.

AIR-JORDAN-11-1Jordanheads who are observant enough will notice that this Air Jordan 11 “Moon Landing” does not look like the typical sneakers Jordan Brand is known for crafting. Many of them might have even wondered why this Air Jordan 11 iteration was created by Jordan Brand in the first place and who designed this sneaker. Questions like these remained unanswered for quite a some time, until recently.

Fortunately, details surrounding the supposed release of this Air Jordan 11 “Moon Landing” colorway have now become clearer. Sivasdescalzo is a sneaker store based in Spain and the link promoting this “Moon Landing” rendition of the Air Jordan 11 was first posted by their Twitter handle. According to the link, a quickstrike Jordan release 2015 is apparently scheduled to take place on December 28th, which is a Monday. According to the landing page of this sneaker, it draws inspiration from the Nike Air Max Lunar90 and a countdown clock can also be found there, which supposedly indicates when it will hit the shelves.

AIR-JORDAN-11-2However, Jordanheads might feel disappointed to learn that December 28th is when “El Dia De Los Muertos Inocentes” is celebrated in Spain, which is the equivalent of April Fool’s Day. So, it should not take long to figure out that this was all an April Fool’s joke by Sivasdescalzo, which is something that even Jordan Brand and Nike have attempted in the past. Yet, even though this Air Jordan 11 “Moon Landing” does not exist, it is certainly agreeable that it looks dope.



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