There Is A Collection Of Deteriorating Air Jordan OGs Displayed At Shanghai’s Honor23

Quite recently, fake Air Jordan sneakers were available at the Qipu Lu Clothing Market in Shanghai for 150rmb and those who are not avid sneakerheads may have assumed that those kicks were authentic. Not only would it be wrong to purchase fake sneakers, but they also do not last long because of issues like their soles falling off while playing on the court. Fortunately, there are several shops in China’s most populous city where everything from genuine Air Max colorways to genuine Air Force iterations to genuine Air Jordan renditions can be easily purchased. The latest addition to these shops is Honor23.

At this point, the sneaker scenario in Shanghai is not exactly at a level where it could be compared to that of Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York City or Tokyo. Of course, they do have a couple of spots as mentioned above, and from time to time, Shanghai-exclusive sneakers also dropped by both Jordan Brand and Nike. In fact, there is even a Nike Kicks Lounge in Shanghai’s Huangpu District, just a 2-minute walk away from Line 10 of Shaanxi Nan Lu Station. However, with Honor23 operating in Shanghai, now there will be even more options for the locals, especially Jordanheads.

Many footwear stores all over the world have some of the most remarkable and spectacular sneaker displays, but it would not be wrong to state that the best of them is the one in Shanghai’s Honor23. For those who do not know, Honor23 is a 2-stories tall shop and the space has quite a few Air Jordan displays throughout it, including a complete said of deteriorating Air Jordan OGs, although they each pair is separated cased to protect them from further degeneration. There is even a complete Air Jordan “White” Collection that has never hit the shelves. Sneakerheads will likely agree that they have never seen an Air Jordan releases display like this one and those in Shanghai can even check it out in person.

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