The Sneaker In This Leaked Photo Is Quite Possibly The Air Jordan 31

Sneakerheads reading this likely have varying opinions and views about Internet leaks. Some prefer to get a heads up and stay informed about potential upcoming sneakers, while others believe that Internet leaks spoil the whole experience. There is a possibility that the latter may actually be true in the case of this latest Internet leak, although then again, there are plenty of sneakerheads who are glad that the photo that can be seen here got leaked. While the source of this photo is uncertain for the time being, it is being speculated that the sneaker showcased in it is the yet-to-debut Air Jordan 31.

possible Air Jordan 31-2It was being reported that July 20th would mark the official unveiling of the Air Jordan 31, so it is very possible that the sneaker seen in the photo is indeed the thirty-first Air Jordan model. In order to create buzz within the sneaker community, the classic and iconic “Banned” commercial was also re-aired, which had featured Michael Jordan with the Air Jordan 1Bred.” However, the re-aired commercial had a bit of a twist ending where the viewers were informed of the coming of a new era. Coincidentally, even the alleged Air Jordan 31 in the photo appears to be dressed up in a Black and Red color scheme.

Online teasers of the Air Jordan 31 from Nike once again placed the upcoming sneaker beside the Air Jordan 1 that had gotten banned. However, both sneakers were covered by black bars so not much of the thirty-first Air Jordan could be seen and it was hard to make out what the final kicks would look like. However, if this leaked photo is compared to the teasers, it does seem to match up and this means that this indeed is the Air Jordan 31. If Jordan Brand actually officially unveil its latest sneaker model on July 20th, this means that it could make its retail debut among July 2016’s Air Jordan releases.

Air Jordan 31  

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