The Jordan 6 Prop Boot From Batman Returns Is Being Auctioned On eBay

At least half of the Jordanheads reading this post in hopes of spotting another Jordan 2016 or 2015 release date were probably not even around or of sneaker wearing age back in 1992. Only sneaker enthusiasts who are true Batman and DC fans will be aware of the fact that before Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, it was Michael Keaton who had portrayed the Caped Crusader on the Silver Screen. However, no matter how up to date they are about upcoming Jordan release dates 2015, they like have no clue that Michael Keaton had worn a modified Air Jordan 6 in Batman Returns (1992).

air-jordan-6-batman-03When Warner Bros. decided to produce a Batman film in 1989, Nike was requested by Warner Bros. to design a boot that could be worn by the Guardian of Gotham himself in the latest Batman film of that era. The sneaker that Air Jordan created for the 1989 film was an exclusive Air Trainer 2 iteration that both Michael Keaton and his stuntmen grew fond of because of how comfortable the pair was. Michael Keaton’s performance as the Dark Knight may not have been as memorable as Christian Bale’s was in the Dark Knight films, but he did go on to star in the 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. The film also starred Danny DeVito as the Penguin, the super villain in the film, and Gotham City was not as dark and grim as seen in Christopher Nolan’s films.

Once again, Nike was contacted to once again design a boot that would be fit to be a part of the Caped Crusader’s costume. This time Nike molded a boot from the Air Jordan 6 and that is how the “Bat-boot” came to be, which looks nothing like that it is utilizing the sixth Air Jordan model as its base. Nonetheless, the all-Black boot designed by Tinker Hatfield still bears resemblance to the Air Jordan 6, despite the absence of any Jumpman logos, while the knee high extension is a foreign addition.

air-jordan-6-batman-04While the 1×1 Air Jordan 6 Bat-boot is never going to mass produced or hit the shelves, whether or Jordan release dates 2015 or Jordan release dates 2016, but the original boot has surfaced on eBay. Avid Jordanheads who are willing to bid will find this rare Air Jordan 6 pair that made an appearance on the Silver Screen up for auction on eBay.air-jordan-6-batman-07air-jordan-6-batman-02


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