Jordan XX9

The Air Jordan XX9’s Arrive This September With A Distinct Design

Jordan Brand’s 29th signature shoe is among the soon-to-be-released new Jordans 2014. Regardless of expectations, the upcoming Air Jordan XX9’s look nothing like the IIIs or XIs. Instead, these sneakers are proof that Jordan Brand is moving forward and striving to make better kicks for the basketball court.

The Air Jordan XX9s Revealed

Not one but colorways are scheduled to be released, both of which have some very striking differences. One pair features a very basic tonal appearance while the other has more complex panels and patterns on it. In fact, the Air Jordan XX9 will be bringing some very interesting things, especially considering that multiple other colorways have also be revealed by Jordan Brand. Jordan Brand has tailored the XX9’s for to be high performance basketball sneakers utilizing innovative weaving techniques that they learned about after visiting Italy.Jordan XX9's

The Air Jordan XX9’s are more breathable, more intricate and more reinforced because of Jordan Brand’s innovative weaving technology. Particular areas of the sneakers are even softer or stiffer than others. However, certain basic concepts of the shoe are similar to those of Nike’s Flyknit technology.

Due to having a performance-woven upper, the graphics on the XX9s appear to have a photo-level quality. The graphics and tapestries are actually not screen printed as they may appear to be; rather they also consist of some woven material just like the upper itself.

Jordan XX9The woven upper has webbed straps beneath it, which have been dubbed Flight Web, which integrate the lacing system in such a way that the foot is wrapped up in them. This way, flexibility and lockdown for natural motion will be provided. The sneakers themselves will have a breathable and comfortable sock-like feel since the upper layer is actually quite thin.

Finally, the sole unit has the widely praised energy return Flight Plate technology, in an improved and new fashion. The forefoot and heel are connected by an added narrow midfoot outsole, which will ensure that the feet have a smoother transition under them.

Despite the fact Jordan Brand has been launching their kicks during All Star Weekends; the Air Jordan XX9’s are not expected to be released until September. These sneakers already made their debut in the NBA Playoffs, where they were worn by Russell Westbrook, but the rest of the world will only be able to sport their pair in Fall.

At least, Jordan Brand has given everyone enough to look forward to, among other high performance new jordans 2014 that will make their retail debut around the same time.

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