Jordan VI “Red Leather”

Jordan 6 “Red Leather” Continue To Remain Mysterious & Speculations Keep Circulating

All those who have been reading the posts on 23 is Back are most likely aware that Jordan 6’s have been having quite an impressive run this year. However, that run had gotten even more interesting in May when teaser photos were published by Jordan Brand of yet another Jordan 6 pair that sports a red based colorway. Jordan Brand made it obvious that this pair was going to be one of the new Jordans 2014 to be released this year.

Jordan 6 “Red Leather”  A red leather treatment is featured by this upcoming Air Jordan 6 that appears to be slightly darker that the tones featured on the “Infrared 23” colorway of  Jordan 6. The sneaker is also sprinkled with some green as well and there also seems to be floral lining on this pair as well. It actually seems as if Jordan Brand might be hinting that this pair is either has a connection with the Jordan Spizike or is perhaps going to be released near Christmas.

These days, it seems that Jordan Brand is rather focused on telling stories. Therefore, it is makes perfect sense that Jordan Brand decided to use Jordan 6 as the platform for this purpose. After all,  Jordan 6 was the model that was worn by Michael Jordan when he won his first NBA title, and so obviously, Jordan Brand has plenty of stories to tell.

Jordan 6 “Red Leather”This has already been seen in the soon to be released “Champagne” and “Cigar” colorways. There have also been rumors that Jordan Brand even made an “MVP” connection Air Jordan VI as well, with emphasis on Michael Jordan’s NBA Finals MVP. Perhaps they are holding it back for a Jordan release 2015.

Many readers still may not have been able to figure out what the deal is with this red leather Air Jordan 6 pair. Their appearance certainly has a Christmas feel; however, a retro release is something that Jordan Brand has never done when it comes to celebration the holiday season. Typically, Jordan Brand makes use of the week leading up to Christmas to hype up a new Air Jordan 6 colorway.

Jordan VI “Red Leather”Putting the above speculation aside, another noticeable thing about this pair is that the lining features Spiz’ike style graphics, which is something that cannot be ignored. Rumors have also been circulating that this Jordan 6 “Red Leather,” as it is being referred to as, might possibly be tied in for Spike Lee’s production company, 40 Acres and a Mule.

This February, 23isBack had updated readers about the celebrated first championship silhouette that made its retail debut in two Infrared colorways. However, Jordan 6  seemed to have fallen under the radar until May. Of course, the “Carmine” colorway was recently released on May 24th, finishing things off for the month.

The bottom line is that the Air Jordan 6 “Red Leather” is quite a mysterious pair, and no retail date has been confirmed by Jordan Brand yet. The pair is most likely one of the new Jordans 2014, but nothing much is known. Readers can only wait to find whether the pair will receive a Christmas release or that the Spiz’ike like pattern on the inner lining is actually homage to the American film director, Spike Lee.

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