Spring 2017 Might Mark The Release Of An Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat”

Dino Hatfield, who goes by as @baltsneakershow on social media, has been busy as of lately with sharing information related to potential Air Jordan releases 2017. For instance, he recently announced that 2017 could potentially mark the return of the Air Jordan 13 “White/True Red-Black,” but it seems that another Air Jordan 13 colorway could possibly join it. The iteration has been dubbed the “Black Cat” and despite not being an original, it has the potential of becoming a highly-anticipated sneaker, perhaps because of its all-Black look and source of inspiration.

black-cat-air-jordan-13-2The “Black Cat” nickname of this colorway probably gives a hint of what or where it might be inspired from. Coincidentally, both the model and this particular rendition share the same source of inspiration this time. Plenty of Jordanheads likely know enough about the thirteenth Air Jordan model’s history, but it is still worth elaborating here. It seems that much like the silhouette, this “Black Cat” colorway is inspired by the swift black, which also indirectly makes it a reference to Michael Jordan’s panther-like swiftness on the basketball court. This is why the Air Jordan 13 was designed to be equipped with a hologram that resembles a panther’s eye and a panther’s paw-like outsoles.

The Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat” draws inspiration more from the outer appearance of a panther, specifically the big cat’s black-colored fur. While Dino Hatfield apparently did not have any official photos of the sneaker to share, he reports that this Air Jordan 13 colorway will be completely blacked out from top to bottom, from its leather uppers down to its paw-shaped outsoles. Obviously, the sneaker will also be equipped with its signature hologram Jumpman near the heels, but it has not been mentioned what kind of a hue it will sport. Along with no photo, there is currently no news of a release date either, but they Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat” will apparently be Jordan releases 2017.

Air-Jordan-13-Black-Cat-3Air Jordan 13 “Black Cat”
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