Someone Is Selling The Ultra-Rare AJ1 Mid “Quai 54” On eBay For $5,000

In the middle of last month, Paris was the place that most Jordan Brand admirers were wishing they could visit. After all, that is where the Air Jordan “MTM” Pack and the Palais 23 Experience were unveiled. Above all, the very exclusive Air Jordan 1 Mid “Quai 54” and the Air Jordan 13 “Quai 54” made their retail debut solely in Paris in limited numbers during the last few June Jordan release dates 2015.

air-jordan-1-quai-54-laser-print-02By now, it is safe to say that Jordanheads have probably assumed that the chances of a US-wide release of this year’s Quai 54 sneakers is less than likely. In fact, Jordan Brand had confirmed back in mid-June that the Quai 54 weekd would mark a Europe-only release of the sneakers. Even if collectors from around the world made their best effort to somehow grab a pair, most of them likely did not succeed since the limited number of pairs quickly flew off the shelves. Jordan Brand had only dropped 23 pairs of each the Air Jordan Mid “Quai 54,” which has also be dubbed the “Laser,” and the Air Jordan 13 “Quai 54.”

While the Air Jordan 13 “Quai 54” has unfortunately slipped out of the hands of a large number of Jordanheads, there is still an opportunity to cop the rare Air Jordan 1 Mid “Laser” or “Quai 54.” The sneaker gets its “Laser” nickname from the laser etching visible on the side panel of its ominous black upper.

air-jordan-1-quai-54-laser-print-03Of course, this still does not mean that the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Quai 54” is going to be hitting the shelves on one of the upcoming Jordan release dates 2015. However, for a sneakerhead who is more than willing to spend over $5k to grab this rare sneaker, the golden opportunity is now available because the kicks are now up for grabs on eBay. For the rest, they can simply hope and wait for a mass-release of these ultra-exclusive sneakers in the United States and the rest of the world.

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