Jordan 3 “Lotto”

Release Information About The SoleFly x Air Jordan 3 “Lotto” Is Still Unknown

Jordan Brand and SoleFly have collaborated quite a few times in the past, and news of their latest collaboration began spreading earlier this year in March. Pictured here on 23 is Back is an Air Jordan 3 pair that Carlos Prieto, Michael Jordan’s brother in law and SoleFly’s owner, was spotted wearing. It became evident that a Jordan Brand project was underway with SoleFly with a release date among the upcoming Jordan release dates 2014. Since a scratch off theme was featured by the pair, so that is how it became dubbed Jordan 3 “Lotto.”

Jordan 3 “Lotto”In the artwork for the SoleFly x Air Jordan 3 collaboration, a lottery ticket is depicted being scratched by a coin. The coin is a dime, which is relevant, since many other shoes are measured against Jordan 3. However, the artwork is also a literal depiction of the fact that a lucky winner (or winners), out of those who sign up at SoleFly’s website, will receive this pair.

sole-fly-air-jordan-iii-3-lotto-03Red/yellow detailing is featured on the shoes along the reflective mudguard of Jordan 3 “Lotto,” while the elephant print can also be seen around the ankle and the toe box. Among the latest pictures of this project, it was seen that a Florida emblem is also featured on the shoes and the area code 305 is also mentioned. Like previous projects that SoleFly has produced in conjunction with Jordan Brand, these kicks will most likely also have an extremely limited release and will not be available at a local shop.

sole-fly-air-jordan-iii-3-lotto-04From all these signs, 23 is Back readers should be able to deduce that copping this pair is going to prove to be rather difficult for them. So far, they have only been seen on Carlos Prieto’s feet.

sole-fly-air-jordan-iii-3-lotto-02Sneakerheads who have a reputation for being lucky may just end up winning this SoleFly x Air Jordan 3 “Lotto” pair. As for the rest, there are plenty of new jordans to look forward to upcoming Jordan release dates 2014.

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