ShoeZeum Founder Jordan Gellar & New Wife Receive Custom Jordan 11s From Hatfield

Even though this post is about any Jordan release 2015 or 2014 news, the custom sneakers that are being highlighted here will probably draw the attention just about every Jordan head out there. At least some of the 23 is Back readers have probably heard Jordan Geller’s name and the two different Air Jordan 11 pairs seen here were gifted to Jordan and his new wife by Tinker Hatfield.

air-jordan-11-tinker-wedding-customs-02For 23isBAck readers who do not actually know who Jordan Gellar is, he happens to be curator founder of ShoeZeum. He is being referred to as a curator because ShoeZeum is nothing short of a remarkably enormous and vast sneaker collection exhibit / museum. In fact, it has been deemed the “Largest Collection of Sneakers” in the world by Guinness World Records.

air-jordan-11-tinker-wedding-customs-04Jordan Gellar had gotten married just a few days ago on November 11. Jordan, happens to have the same name as his favorite sneaker brand and he idolizes Tinker Hatfield, his new wife happens to be a fan of the Air Jordan 11, and their marriage was held on 11/11. So, it is quite significant that Tinker Hatfield himself customized these two Air Jordan 11 “Playoff” sneakers for the couple himself as a wedding gift. Jordan Gellar even posted photos of the two pairs on his Twitter account, with some cute captions.

air-jordan-11-tinker-wedding-customs-03Apparently, Tinker Hatfield had received an in-depth email about Natty, Jordan’s wife, containing details of what she is fond of, such as Disney and turtles. Tinker then adorned the two Air Jordan 11 pairs with drawings of the Natty’s favorite things and the couple’s unforgettable life moments, such as the venue of their engagement, the Las Vegas-based Bellagio hotel. The ShoeZeum logo was also drawn onto the sneakers.

By now, 23 is Back readers are probably wishing they were lucky enough to receive a custom Jordan Brand sneaker from Tinker Hatfield as a gift. Although that may not happen any time soon, there are plenty of upcoming Air Jordan kicks that they can cop by keeping their eyes peeled for new Jordan release 2015 and 2014 dates.

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