Rip Hamilton’s Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE Is The Same As MJ’s

Richard “Rip” Hamilton was one of the most athletic, energetic and swift players in the NBA back when he was still playing as a member of the Detroit Pistons. Earlier this month, during during one of The Big 3 league’s official podcast, Rip was fondly remembered by his former teammate Maurice Evans. It is about time that Rip got duly appreciated and credited for all his hard work. Much like Rip is still remembered in the league, he has also not been forgotten by Jordan Brand, which explains how he now has the same Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE that Michael Jordan once had.

Sneakerheads may or may not remember the Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE “Triple White.” This golf variation was actually unveiled this very year, back in May, although it did not exactly end up joining the Air Jordan releases 2017 of that month. It was being reported that Jordan Brand had exclusively designed that pair for Michael Jordan. Yet somehow, it managed to make its way to eBay, where this one-of-one PE pair was up for sale a whopping price of US $2,999.99. It is uncertain if Jordan Brand whipped up another pair for Rip, or that he copped the pair from eBay.

Regardless, Rip now owns a pair of the Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE “Triple White” and he shared photos of the pair on his official Instagram account (@ripcity3232). It would not be surprising if he received the pair officially, considering that he still is a Jordan Brand athlete. This golf variation of the model appears to have mesh uppers, along with patent leather mudguards and tumbled leather heels, all of which are clean White. Even the laces it is equipped with and the branding it features are plain White, and its outsoles are icy and translucent with cleat-like spikes underneath.

There is no way of knowing if this is the same pair that was exclusively designed for Michael Jordan and then wound up becoming available on eBay. The fact of the matter is that Rip Hamilton now has this Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE “Triple White” pair and he hopes to wear it at the Adios golf club at some point in the near future.

Air Jordan 11 Low Golf PE “Triple White”

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