Why Did Rip Hamilton Bring Out His AJ Fusion 4 “Black Laser”?

23 is Back readers who happen to keep up with the world of basketball probably know that Rip Hamilton has been absent from the court ever since he announced he would be “taking a year off.” However, what the Jordan heads here may not know is Rip is apparently planning a comeback. However, that is nothing the only thing he has been up to. While this news will definitely be of interest for all the sneaker enthusiasts out there, it has nothing to do with a possible Jordan release 2015 or 2014 rumor.

Jordan Fusion 4 “Black Laser”Considering the fact that Rip Hamilton is a Jordan Brand athlete, Jordan heads have probably gotten used to the 1-of-1 PEs that he has introduced over the years. They are also probably familiar with the fact that Rip is known for known for sharing early looks at Air Jordan that have not even been released by Jordan Brand yet. Rip Hamilton has done something similar once again.

air-jordan-fusion-laser-03Recently, Rip Hamilton posted a photograph on his Instagram account of what appears to be one of his signature Air Jordans. However, the Air Jordan sneaker that 23 is Back readers can see in the photo is not a PE. In fact, this pair is not even any of the upcoming Air Jordan retros. So, what is it? This is actually an Air Jordan Fusion IV “Black Laser” from 2010, and along with a photo of the kicks, Rip also asked his followers what this of this sneaker or Fusion Jordans in general.

air-jordan-fusion-laser-05If Jordan heads here can recall, the “Black Laser” colorway was quite an excellent concept, blending two beloved signatures, namely the Air Jordan 4 from Jordan Brand and the Air Force 1 from Nike. Although this may not exactly count as a Jordan release 2014 or 2015 releases news, this could be a possible heads up for sneaker heads who are fans of Fusions as well as Spizikes.

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