Richard “Rip” Hamilton Shared A Photo Of A Never-Before-Seen Air Jordan 4 Pair

Sneakerheads may or may not know this, but Michael Jordan and Richard “Rip” Hamilton had a long-standing beef with each other, but thankfully, they both put it behind them eventually. It was during the 1999–2000 NBA season that Richard Hamilton began his career in the league, as a rookie member of the Washington Wizards. By the 2001–2002 season, Michael Jordan had also joined the team and Richard had the opportunity to play alongside the professional basketball player had had looked up to when growing up. Richard Hamilton did not have a pleasant encounter with his idol, but he did eventually receive a lot of Air Jordan PEs.

It turns out that Richard Hamilton actually went up to Michael Jordan and asked him if he could join the Jordan Brand team. Michael Jordan’s response was simply that his sneakers were for “All-Stars,” alluding to the fact that Rip was not an All-Star, or even as well-known as he is today, at that time. Of course, Richard went to on to become a three-time All-Star and winning the NBA championship during the 2003-2004 NBA season as a part of the Detroit Pistons. Of course, Michael Jordan could not have known this and while his response may seem harsh, it does make sense.

Regardless, once this beef between Michael Jordan and Richard Hamilton was over, the latter was not only accepted into the Jordan Brand family but has received plenty of Air Jordan PEs ever since. In fact, he is often sharing photos online of sneakers that have yet to arrive at retailers. Most recently, he seems to have shared a photo on his Instagram account (@ripcity3232) of what is being reported as an 1-of-1 Air Jordan 4 PE pair that he likely received courtesy of Michael Jordan. Dressed up in the color scheme of the Detroit Pistons, the sneaker appears to be predominantly clean White, with Blue- and Red-colored detailing throughout.

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