Jordan 5

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Air Jordan 5 : 1990–1991

It was back in February 1990 when the retail debut of the Air Jordan 5 took place and Jordan Brand dropped four colorways that year. Prior to the Air Jordan 5, none of the models from the Air Jordan line that Jordan Brand had released had ever featured a clear rubber sole. The idea for the Air Jordan 5’s clear rubber sole came from the clear molding of the Nike sneaker worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. The Air Jordan 5 also marked the first time foam was molded into an Air Jordan sneaker’s upper.

In 2015, Jordan Brand collaborated with Supreme to release not one but three Air Jordan 5 colorways. Several Air Jordan 5 retro releases are also scheduled for 2016 like the “Black/Metallic” colorway, while new iterations like the Air Jordan 5 Low “Knicks” will also make their retail debut next year. Continue reading Jordan 5

Jordan 4

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Air Jordan 4: 1988–1989

Tinker Hatfield was once again ready to design the fourth model from the Air Jordan line in 1989 and all he needed was the right idea to surpass the Air Jordan 3. Tinker wanted the new model to be more capable than its predecessors in terms of being a performance basketball shoe. This is the reason he used an over-molded mesh for the Air Jordan 4. Despite being initially disliked, the Air Jordan 4 quickly gained popularity. A unique, signature feature of the model was that there 18 different patterns in which its laces could be tied.While Jordan Brand dropped plenty of Air Jordan 4 colorways, the rare Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 turned out to be a friends and family exclusive. Continue reading Jordan 4

Jordan 3

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Air Jordan 3: 1987–1988

Jordan 3 was perhaps the first unconventional Nike Air Jordan shoe, since it went out of the way in quite a few aspects. For instance, a “Jumpman” was featured on the tongue. In 1986, Michael Jordan earned a Slam Dunk Contest victory, which is the reason this silhouette was introduced. This Jumpman has been featured as a centre of interest in every Jordan shoe released ever since. Another new feature was the visible air unit. Finally, elephant print was featured on Jordan 3’s upper for the very first time. This helped in making a point that Jordan shoes are not only functional but are fashionable too. Jordan 3 is among the most famous Air Jordan sneakers. Continue reading Jordan 3

Jordan 2

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Air Jordan 2 release: 1986–1987

Jordan 2 made its debut in the 1986–1987 NBA season. A full length air sole was featured by the pair beneath a solid midsole. The side of Jordan II featured faux leather skin, which distinguished this pair from all of the other basketball shoes of that time. Jordan II was made in Italy, which is another reason that it stood out from all other sneakers. Jordan 2 was never originally made in black like other Jordan shoes. Continue reading Jordan 2

Jordan 1

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Air Jordan 1 release: 1984–1985

For Jordan Brand, it all started with Jordan 1. Jordan Brand launched Jordan 1 back in 1984, establishing itself as a brand of high performance shoes and as a cultural icon. The pair was so innovative for that time that the NBA banned it for the lack of white on them, a violation of the NBA’s “uniformity of uniform.” Michael Jordan wore the banned Air Jordan I anyways and the NBA fined him $5000 per game. Continue reading Jordan 1