Jordan 2009

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Air Jordan 2009

The release of the Air Jordan 2009 marked the end of the Jordan 1-23 series, and the introduction of a new one of a kind style, revolutionary design and unmatched performance. The Air Jordan 2009 was designed as a result of collaboration between Michael Jordan himself and Jason Mayden, the Senior Footwear Designer of Jordan Brand. Continue reading Jordan 2009

Jordan 23

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Air Jordan 23 : 2007–2008

Back in 2008, it was believed that the Air Jordan 23 would be the final pair of basketball shoes released by the Jordan Brand. Apart from the fact that the 20th year anniversary of Air Jordan shoes was being celebrated at the time, fans of the brand and their shoes had been highly anticipating the release of the Air Jordan 23. Continue reading Jordan 23

Jordan 21

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Air Jordan 21 : 2005-2006

The Air Jordan 21 made their retail debut on February 18, 2005, which also marked the beginning of a new generation of cutting edge technology and revolutionary style for Jordan Brand. D’Wayne Edwards designed the silhouette of these shoes after being inspired by the Bentley Continental GT coup. Despite the simplicity of the design of Jordan 21 , the pair featured plenty of high tech innovations and materials. Continue reading Jordan 21

Jordan 19

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Air Jordan 19 : 2003–2004

It was back in 2004 when Jordan Brand released Jordan 19. Although the retired Michael Jordan never wore Jordan 19, Jordan Brand released various Player Exclusive colorways for basketball players like Carmelo Anthony, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, and Ray Allen. Unlike the previously released Jordan shoes, Jordan 19 turned out to be the lightest of them all and also the most supportive. The pair also featured the perfect blend of sport and style. Continue reading Jordan 19