Why Is The “45” On Jordan 10 “Chicago” A Vital Addition?

Indeed, 23isBack had already assured its readers that Jordan 10 “Chicago” is being brought back by Jordan Brand next year, which is after 3 long years that this pair has been absent. However, the original “Chicago” is a very special pair, and it had something that its 2012 retro lacked, the “45.” With the latest Jordan release 2015 news that the “Chicago” is going to be remastered and released next year, the presence of the “45” will be vital.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” The era following Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball to a career in baseball was a monumental era. He was the greatest athlete of that time and people loved to watch him play basketball, which was something he did better than other players, but he was walking from it all. As a result, Michael became the subject of a lot of criticism and it was a bad era for those still rooting for him since he was definitely not in his prime.

Of course, MJ did not stay down for long and he decided to shake things up a year and a half later when he made a comeback to the court in 1995. The comeback marked the return of a different Michael Jordan, an MJ who kept alternative between good games and struggling, and the “45” on his jersey perfectly symbolized the change MJ had undergone during his absence. Of course, Michael Jordan returned to the top of his prime when he switched back to “23” and went on to win three consecutive championships.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” .After reading this, if 23isBack release dates readers scour the Internet for an Jordan 10 “Chicago” sample with the “45” on them, all they are going to find is nothing but remakes. While these remakes may look just like they are supposed to and also feature the “45” but they just do not have the same feel as the pair worn by Michael Jordan himself back when he was wearing jerseys with the number “45. Fortunately, with the Jordan 2015 announcement of the remastered retro Jordan 10 “Chicago”, the wait will finally end.

Will Jordan 11 “Pantone” Be Released In 2014 or 2015?

Thus far, Jordan release dates 2014 point towards the fact that blue-colored Air Jordans have had quite a good year. Near the end of April, Jordan Brand retrod the “Powder Blue” colorway of Jordan 10 in a decade and approximately $35 million were racked up by it in sales. Jordan 11 is the next sneaker in the Air Jordan lineage, but it not rumored to be released in a “Powder” colorway. Instead, Jordan 11 is rumored to be released in its cousin colorway “Pantone.”

Originally, Jordan 11 “Pantone” was just a sample colorway, spotted on Usher’s Instagram. The American dancer and singer received a pair of this unreleased new jordans as a birthday gift from Mark Smith and Tinker Hatfield. According to a source, Jordan Brand’s end-of-year rollout is actually going to include Jordan 11 “Pantone.”

Jordan 11 “Pantone”23 is Back readers must be aware of the fact that ever since 2009, every holiday season has marked the release of an Air Jordan 11 pair. Undisclosed sources have revealed thatJordan 11 “Pantone” will arrive at the end of this year as a quick strike release. It is not just Jordan 11 “Pantone” but all the “Pantone” colorways of Jordans 1 through 23 that have never been released before, all of which sport an almost completely Power Blue upper.

Jordan 11 “Pantone”Complete with a clear bottom, a Power Blue upper and a white midsole, Jordan 11 “Pantone” definitely has the potential to become a high sought-after pair by the end of this year. While release rumors of this “Pantone” colorway ofJordan 11 all point towards one of the end of the year Jordan release dates 2014, 23 is Back has a doubt. The name of this pair was also seen on the “leaked list” of 2015 Jordan releases, so if not this year, then perhaps it may be released next year for sure.

Jordan 3 “True Blue” Tops The Leaked List Of 2015 Jordan Releases

The rumor mill keeps on churning and this time it has coughed up this Jordan release 2015 rumor regarding the upcoming of Jordan 3 “True Blue” as a part of Jordan Brand’s 2015 remastered kicks. In fact, this is not just a rumor, the name of the True Blue 3 Nike Air is on the very top of the list of Jordan 2015 releases that was recently leaked.

Jordan III “True Blue” 23 is Back has uncovered that Jordan Brand is going to be extending the “remastered” treatment to Jordan 3 “True Blue,” which will apparently be dropped in 2015 with the heel tab featuring Nike Air. Regardless of the absence of a confirmation or a Jordan Brand official statement, this is more than just a rumor considering the leaked list. The True Blue 3 is a colorway that is highly coveted by many sneakerheads, and many of them probably have it on their list of sneakers-to-purchase.

Jordan III “True Blue”  2015 ReleasesIt was back in 2001 when this “White / True Blue” colorway of Jordan 3 Retro+ was released and it made its retail debut at the price of $100. These kicks were very popular at the time, and sneaker enthusiasts did everything they could possibly do to cop a pair. A white leather upper is featured by them with heal, lacing tabs and toe area that have elephant print on them, which was not common back then. It also features really nice blue accents and trimming, which made this shoe even more popular. It was Tinker Hatfield who originally designed Jordan 3. 23isBack would like to reveal some trivia regarding the fact that it was because of Jordan 3 that Michael Jordan decided to remain signed with Nike, because rumor has it that he was planning to walk.

Jordan-3-True-Blue2Next year is definitely the year of remastered 2015 new jordan releases, which apparently will include plates of release dates of Jordan 4s. However, Jordan 3 is not far behind with this Retro+ “True Blue” pair, which will arrive in premium quality.

4–5 Colorways Of Jordan 13 Low Rumored For 2015 Release

23 is Back confirm the fact with quite certainty that it has quite a few years now since Jordan 13 Low was last seen. Although the thirst has been quenched by a couple of different colorways new jordans, the “OG” makeups that made these shoes so appealing have not been seen. Since the “Black/Navy” and “Chutney” colorways of Jordan 13 Low have never been retroed, the date of release of these and other AJ 13 Low colorways might be included among the remastered Jordan release 2015.

Although 23isBack does not have any true knowledge which particular colorway of Jordan 13 Low will actually be remastered, the recently leaked list reveals that Jordan Brand might be planning to release 4 to 5 colorways.

Jordan 13 Navy Blue WhiteTinker Hatfield did not meet up with Michael Jordan when he was thinking up Jordan 13 . Tinker simply had an idea based on MJ’s resemblance to a panther when playing on the court. Michael was not surprised when Tinker told him that he looked like a panther on the court because even Michael’s friends had nicknamed him “black cat.” Thus, Jordan 13 was born.

Jordan-13-Low-ChutneyJordan 13 featured one of the most unique sole that Jordan Brand had ever released. Anyone who owns or has taken a look at a pair will agree that the sole resembles a panther’s paw to quite an extent. There was also a circular hologram by the heel of Jordan 13. Up close, a basketball, the Jumpman logo, and the number 23 could be seen in it.

Jordan Brand released Jordan 13 in five different models between 1997 and 1998 with a price tag of $150, and two low models had also been released during that time, which retailed for $130. Jordan 13 was released by Jordan Brand between 2004 and 2005. Now, Air Jordan release dates 2015 rumors are pointing at the possible re-release of 4 to 5 different previous colorways of Jordan 13 Low as remastered versions.Jordan 13 Retro Low

Some Jordanheads Upset About Jordan Brand’s Decision To Remaster In 2015

Over the course of the past couple of years, 23isback readers have most likely been keeping track of the tons of old Jordans that have been released by Jordan brand to the world. Sneaker aficionados have actually done a lot in order to cop one or several of these pairs, including paying outrageous amounts of money. In fact, it has gotten so out of hand that seeing someone with a pair of Jordans on their feet does not even impress them anymore, with the exception of a few pairs, considering that so many of them have been released by Jordan Brand. Now, Jordan release 2015 news regarding the release of retros has taken the front seat.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” Jordanheads have been wondering what is so special about the Jordans 2015 release. Well, an announcement was recently made by Jordan Brand that a bunch of their old sneakers were going to be “remastered.” Basically, old Jordans are going to be taken and better materials are going to be used to recreate them, unlike the materials that have been used by them on their previous releases. Then, “depending on the model,” the original releases are going to be sold for more, with almost 10% to 15% higher prices. Theoretically, Jordan Brand’s idea is quite good since better sneakers are going to be released. However, Jordan Brand’s plan has also upset a lot of sneaker enthusiasts—and they cannot really be blamed.

Remastered Jordan 10 “Red Cement” Release 2015By announcing that Jordan sneakers are going to “remastered” next year, Jordan Brand has actually admitted that they did not make some of the previously released sneakers with the best materials possible. Essentially, Jordan fanatics also have to digest the fact that even more money will have to be spent by them in order to get their hands on releases that they may have already copped in the past. Some 23 is Back readers may also think that Jordan Brand is resorting to a bit of a money grab and wants to keep the profits rolling in by continue to release previously released sneakers. Of course, this will probably not stop loyal Jordan fans from anticipating the upcoming Jordans release dates 2015, and it cannot be denied that the “remastered” sneakers will look awesome. The question is: Why didn’t the sneakers look awesome all along.

Remastered Jordan 4 “Teal” release 2015Do you think Jordan Brand is doing the right thing by “remastering” their sneakers? Will you buy these remastered retros once Jordan Brand releases them in 2015?