Orlando Magic Athletes Were Recently Spotted Rocking These Air Jordan 31 PE Colorways

It has been quite a while since a member of the Orlando Magic Basketball Team got sent to the All-Star game. Perhaps that could change this year. NBA fans have already started voting for the starters and the All-Star Weekend will officially be underway by the middle of next month. The most likely candidate from the Orlando Magic roster to get voted as a starter for the All-Star Game is Aaron Gordon. Last season, Aaron put on quite an impressive performance in the NBA Dunk Contest. In the meantime, the Orlando Magic also seems have joined teams that have received an Air Jordan 31 PE in recent times.

air-jordan-31-pe-2At the same, it is also too farfetched that an athlete representing Orlando Magic may not end up being a part of the All-Star game. Following the 2012–13 NBA season, Dwight Howard had departed from Orlando Magic, and ever since, the team has simply not had an All-Star for quite a long time. In fact, Orlando Magic is still kind of struggling to find a position in the upcoming NBA Playoffs. At the moment at least, the team is not even on national television. Nonetheless, Orlando Magic is still not out of the Playoff race, so one of their athletes could still make it to the All-Star Game.

As the 2016–17 NBA season progresses, more and more colorways of the Air Jordan 31 keep on surfacing, whether they are player exclusives or ones that are meant to hit the shelves. The ones featured here falls under the category of those that will not be making a retail debut. Jeff Green, one of Orlando Magic’s power forwards and small forwards, was spotted laced up in all-White pair, which has Flyweave and leather uppers sporting Black- and Blue-colored accents. Bismack Biyombo, Jeff’s teammate and one of Orlando Magic’s centers and power forwards, was rocked the other pair, which is dressed up in a combination of Black and Blue.

It is uncertain whether the entire Orlando Magic roster received these sneakers or whether they were provided only to Bismack Biyombo and Jeff Green. Regardless, these Air Jordan 31 iterations are player exclusives so they will certainly not be arriving at retailers.

Air Jordan 31 PE

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