Nike’s Latest ACG.07.KMTR Comes Equipped With Gum Rubber Outsoles & Looks Almost Military-Themed

Back in May, NikeLab introduced a brand new sneaker model, the ACG.07.KMTR, or simply the KMTR. As hard to believe as it may seem, this new performance silhouette was inspired by a brown paper bag. In fact, designers came up with its design by scrunching up a paper bag they had placed around their feet into the shape of a shoe. The ACG.07.KMTR features four-way stretch, single-piece, waterproof uppers. A draw cord was integrated to make the uppers conform to the wearer’s feet and forefoot of each shoe also has a Fidlock magnetic buckle. Following its debut, the Nike ACG.07.KMTR is now on its way in a new colorway.

All of these features may make the ACG.07.KMTR seem like a complex shoe, but wearing it merely involves unbuckling it and then pull the cord after sliding each shoe on. According to Gerald Sullivan, the designer of the shoe, it is quite flexible and light because it only features the bare necessities, along with excellent traction. The pulling cord that serves as the closure system of this shoe goes through a single hinge. With this sneaker, Nike managed to pull of a balance between innovation and simplicity. The ACG.07.KMTR ended up making its retail debut on May 18th, 2017 at NikeLab retailers and on

The NikeLab ACG.07.KMTR is definitely a unique sneaker and it has already arrived at retailers in several colorways since it debuted back in May. However, this is the first time that the ACG.07.KMTR is coming equipped with Gum Rubber outsoles. The Gum Rubber outsoles appear to have been paired with uppers that are entirely dressed up in a bold Sequoia Green hue. This actually makes this iteration look somewhat military-themed, making it seem like it could use some camouflage print on top. Regardless, this particular Nike ACG.07.KMTR release has not yet made its retail debut, but it will hit the shelves very soon at select NikeLab retailers and be available on too.

Nike ACG.07.KMTR
Sequoia/Anthracite-Medium Brown
921664-300 | $

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