New Photos Of The Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 5 Have Popped Up

Rumors have been circulatng that Cristiano Ronaldo may end up departing from Real Madrid. Reportedly, Paris Saint-Germain is not only interested in having the Portuguese footballer as a part of the club, but is even willing to pay him a higher salary than Neymar. Whether Cristiano will actually end up joining the French football club remains to be known. Regardless, you may recall reading the post from back in May about Jordan Brand teaming up with Paris Saint-Germain to whip up special Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5 iterations. While both are likely to join this year’s Air Jordan releases 2018, new photos of the latter have surfaced.

The Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 1 was also unveiled later in May. As you can see, this Air Jordan 1 colorway features the same color scheme as the Air Jordan 5 as it is similarly dressed up in a combination of the club’s home and alternate (third) colors. Hence, the uppers of its sneakers and its outsoles are completely Black, while it is equipped with clean White midsoles. The insoles have “ICI C’EST PARIS” printed over them, which reads “Here is Paris” in English, the signature slogan of Paris Saint-Germain. Its midsoles also feature the football club’s signature stripes near the heels.

These new photos of the Paris Saint-Germain x Air Jordan 5 were shared on Instagram by DirtyMoney (@dirtymoney823) and they provide a clearer, more detailed look at the sneaker. The Air Jordan 5 is almost entirely tonal, dressed up in Black, with the exception of the Metallic Silver-colored shark toot pattern on its midsoles and its icy, traluscent outsoles. Instead of “23,” “75” is embroidered on the sides since all of the zip codes in Paris begin with it. The club’s signature stripes and a combined Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain logo can be spotted over the heels.

There is still no news as to when exactly these Paris Saint-German x Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 5 will hit the shelves. However, you can expect them to be among this summer’s Air Jordan releases 2018.

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