New Photos Of An Actual Finished Air Jordan 30 Pair Have Been Leaked

January 14th, 2016 is going to be a big day for both Jordan Brand and Jordanheads because the official unveiling of the Air Jordan 30 is scheduled to take place on that day. The Air Jordan 30 will be the latest installment in the Air Jordan line, which is arguably one of the greatest and most prominent sneaker series in of all-time. Even though Jordan Brand has officially announced when the Air Jordan 30 will be launched, they are yet to drop a hint about a potential date when the Jordan release 2016 of the thirtieth Air Jordan sneaker will take place.

Air-Jordan-30-2It is obvious that Jordanheads will not be able to get a clear, detailed and proper look at the Air Jordan 30 until the next couple of days. Currently, there is a significant amount of hype surrounding the 30th installment in the Air Jordan series, so it is not wrong to assume that leaked photos of the latest signature Air Jordan model would pop up online way before the silhouette was officially unveiled. In fact, that is what has actually happened.

The sneaker that can be seen in these photos, which got leaked a few days ago, is like the Air Jordan 30. This is quite possibly the actual debuting iteration of the Air Jordan 30 that will eventually hit the shelves and it will very likely arrive in the box that can also be seen in these photos. No doubt, the quality of these photos is not the finest, but they are clear enough to see that the Air Jordan 30 is also equipped with performance woven tooling and upper similar to those of the Air Jordan 29. “XXX,” signifying that this is the thirtieth Air Jordan sneaker, can also be spotted on the heel. Last but not the least, its tongue also features some sort of red branding that is not clearly visible in these photos.

Air-Jordan-30-3Just because photos of the Air Jordan 30 have been leaked does not mean that Jordanheads should not begin counting down the days until the launch of the model. In fact, they would want to stay tuned for Jordan Brand to confirm a date for the Air Jordan 30’s Jordan release 2016.

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