Mark Wahlberg Had A Different Idea For His Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” PE

Sneakerheads who are fans of the Transformers film series might be aware that the latest installment Transformers: The Last Knight has topped $500 million. By the end of this year, Transformers: The Last Knight will also be coming to home video and there will be multiple options to choose from. There will be a 4K edition, a limited steelbook, a new set consisting of all five films, and more. Sneakerheads may or may not know this already, but Mark Wahlberg got a special Air Jordan 5 PE whipped up for the promotion of the film. Mark, who helped in designer the sneaker, apparently had other plans for it.

Apart from the Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” PE, there was another Transformers-themed, player exclusive Air Jordan sneaker that was exclusively designed for Mark Wahlberg. The Air Jordan 4 was the model of choice and this one-of-one pair was a custom by The Shoe Surgeon. The sneaker was made up of premium leather, while also featuring pieces of metallic brass patina over its heels and lace eyelets, apparently signifying that it is inspired by Bumble Bee.

Hence, the uppers of this sneaker were dressed up in a vibrant Yellow hue that reminds sneakerheads of the popular Autobot.
However, Mark Wahlberg’s Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” PE is far more unique. Mark Wahlberg was recently interviewed at the Jordan Brand Headquarters to shed some light on the creation of the special pair. Mark revealed that he originally wanted to design an Air Jordan 4 that could transform into an Air Jordan 5, much like how Transformers transform from vehicles into robots. Of course, the idea sounds somewhat impossible, so instead the Air Jordan 5 was simply given a futuristic look. Thus, the sneaker has glossy, sleek Black-colored uppers that are covered in grid patterns and it is equipped with glow-in-the-dark soles.

Sneakerheads can actually read the Mark Wahlberg’s interview and learn more about this sneaker’s design process on Jordan Brand’s official blog. Of course, considering the fact that the Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” is a PE sneaker, it will certainly not be arriving at retailers.

Air Jordan 5 “Transformers” PE

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