This Limited Iteration Of The Air Jordan 9 Draws Inspiration From Baseball Mitts

Most of the readers here are likely also fans of basketball and follow the sport in the NBA. Within the professional basketball circle, Michael Jordan is widely recognized as the G.O.A.T., but his brief stint in the Minor League Baseball (MiLB) was also nothing short of impressive. Even though it may seem like Michael Jordan may not have accomplished much on the diamond, but his talent cannot be overlooked and his feats in baseball are surely worth mentioning. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jordan’s second favorite sport, Jordan Brand has whipped up an iteration of the Air Jordan 9 that resembles baseball mitts.

It was quite a rare occurrence for one of the best professional basketball athletes to pick up a baseball bat and at age 31, he instantly competed with prominent professional baseball players. At that time, more than a decade had passed since Michael Jordan had last played baseball competitively. Despite that, Michael Jordan hit 3 home runs and even stole thirty bases, even though he was thrown out during eighteen of them. Even his outfield defense was satisfactory enough. However, for someone who had picked up the baseball bat after such a long time, his walk rate was quite impressive.

The photos of this upcoming Air Jordan 9 colorway accompanying this post were shared on Instagram by @2muchsol3 and @whoischickenwop. From the looks of it, this Air Jordan 9 iteration has uppers made up of tumbled leather dressed up in sleek Black. Its heels and side panels also feature woven detailing, which makes the uppers look like baseball mitts. Even its laces are made up of leather, which are covered in an even darker shade of Black that also covers its midsoles. This sneaker also features clean White-colored inner lining, outsoles and tongue branding. Since “45” was Michael Jordan’s official number during his baseball stint, the number appears over the heels. Furthermore, custom pinstripe detailing can also be spotted over the insoles.

While this sneaker will likely end up joining the upcoming general Jordan releases 2017, copping a pair will not really be an easy task, and a release date is yet to be announced. It is being reported that Jordan Brand has produced merely 2,000 pairs of this baseball mitts-inspired Air Jordan 9 iteration, so there will probably be certain special conditions involved.

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