Kori Carter Receives An Exclusive Volt/White-Colored Air Jordan 11 For Her Olympic Trials

For many sneakerheads, it does not matter to them whether the footwear they are laced up in makes them jump higher or run faster. What these kicks enthusiasts care about more is whether or not a sneaker looks good, and if it does not, they choose not to cop and rock it. It obvious that they look at sneakers from a solely design perspective and from this perspective, the hue or hues that a sneaker is dressed up in is probably its single most important feature. That is what sets this Air Jordan 11 pair apart, along with the fact that it is a Player Exclusive.

The “Volt” hue featured on this Air Jordan 11 is the most iconic color in sneaker history. Over the years, Volt has been one of the most dominant hues to appear within the sneaker industry. It was the first hue within the sneaker industry to become associated with a brand. That brand was none other than Nike and in particular, kicks from their running line frequently sported this hue. It is not surprising that they picked this hue, considering how eye catching and striking it tends to be. It also makes sense for Jordan Brand to give a member of the U.S. Olympic team a sneaker dressed up in this very color.

Kori Carter, the American field and track athlete, is taking part in the trials and is a very likely candidate to join the U.S. Olympic team for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. As a sign of encouragement and to ensure that she makes it, Jordan Brand gave her the special, one-of-one Air Jordan 11 pair that can be seen here, so she could lace up in it for the Trials. Kori shared a photo of the sneaker on her Instagram account (@thekorimonster), which can be seen above. As can be seen, the pair is indeed dressed up in a combination of Volt and White. Kori specializes in 400 meter hurdles and she will likely be rocking this pair during her Trials that take place next Thursday.

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