The Jordan Dub Zero Is Among The Spring 2015 Jordan Brand Retro Releases

02/28/15  Jordan Dub ZeroLaser” 705413-100

23 is Back readers are most likely already quite eager and enthusiastic about the remastered Air Jordan sneakers with the Jordan release dates 2015 associated with them. However, Jordan heads reading this will probably find this particular information even more exhilarating and thrilling since it concerns Jordan Brand’s plans for next year’s releases. Apart from some alluring Air Jordan Is, the Air Jordan 10Double Nickel,” an Air Jordan XX retro, and many other AJs that will be coming, apparently the Jordan Dub Zero will also be making its comeback.

It was back in 2005 when the announcement about the Air Jordan XX had been made by Jordan Brand. It had also marked the return of the infamous advertisement campaign featuring Mars Blackmon once again. Amongst the Air Jordan sneaker silhouettes released following Michael Jordan’s final retirement, the Air Jordan XX that was unveiled back in 2005 is still regarded as the more attractive ones. Jordan Brand has already confirmed an Air Jordan XX retro will be hitting the shelves next year, so it is not surprising that the Jordan Dub Zero since it had also first appeared in 2005.

jordan-dub-zero-laser It must be noted that parts of the Original Jordan Dub Zero have been used by this hybrid sneaker model, including all of the signature silhouettes that came before the Air Jordan XX. It should also not come as a surprise that the laser pattern from the Air Jordan XXs is among the most notable features that have been borrowed by this hybrid sneaker. Others include the base from the Air Jordan IV and the heel tab from the Air Jordan 6. As for this particular Jordan Dub Zero retro scheduled to return in 2015, this time, the overall shape of the hybrid sneaker looks also identical to the Air Jordan 13. Perhaps this is because it does not feature the patent leather that it has borrowed in the past from the Air Jordan 11.

jordan-dub-zero-retroConsidering all the release information for next year that continues to roll, including this one about the Jordan Dub Zero, 23 is Back readers have all the reason to feel thrilled. In fact, there is no harm if sneaker heads beginning making early plans for all the upcoming Jordan release dates 2015.

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