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Jordan Brand’s New President Was Formerly a Coca-Cola Executive

In addition to releasing new Air Jordan releases 2018 before the year ends, Nike recently hired a new President for Jordan Brand. Until recently, Larry Miller was the President of Jordan Brand. In fact, just last year he shed light on the challenges involved in keep Jordan Brand at the top and relevant. Apparently, Jordan Brand’s biggest challenge has been to familiarize young consumers with Michael Jordan’s legacy and stay connected with them. He also mentioned the fact that the Air Jordan re-sale market has dwindled. Hopefully, Jordan Brand’s recently hired, new President will help further establish it as a premium brand and deepen its connections with its consumers.

What Is The Current State Of Jordan Brand Like?

As you may already know, adidas surpassed Jordan Brand last year as a result of having a greater market share in the U.S. Although Nike was still at the top, adidas became America’s second favorite footwear brand. According to Sports Illustrated, adidas was controlling 11.3% of the American market share by dollars; while Jordan Brand’s share was 9.5%, a mere 0.1% increase from back in 2016. The first quarter of 2017 also marked a 31% increase in the sales adidas had managed to generate during that period. Perhaps by the end of 2018, Jordan Brand may end up reclaiming its spot from adidas.

craig williams jordan brand new president air jordan releases 2018

Who Is Jordan Brand’s New President?

Craig Williams, a former Coca-Cola executive, is the new President of Jordan Brand. Larry Miller is now the chairman of the recently created Jordan Brand Advisory Board. He happens to be experienced in “driving global strategy and change.” If you take note of the number of this year’s Air Jordan releases 2018, it will make sense why Jordan Brand aims to rebuild its former scarcity model. With the leadership of Craig Williams, Jordan Brand will likely be releasing lesser products in order to boost its resale market. Furthermore, Jordan Brand will also be taking steps to attract younger consumers in order to increase its turnaround.

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