Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan XX9 Wear-Test Tour Moved To NYC At Terminal 23

23 is Back readers had already been informed that Jordan Brand has been going from one location to another all around the country for the Air Jordan XX9 Wear-Test tour. This time, the Air Jordan XX9 was put to the test in New York City at Jordan Brand’s exclusive Terminal 23 space in the presence of a group of sneaker media members. These events have been building anticipation of the XX9 2014 Jordan release date of September 6.

jordan-xx9-media-wear-test-02The first stop that Jordan Brand made was in Las Vegas, where a custom elephant print basketball court was featured and a surprise dunk contest was also hosted. Since the World Basketball Festival had arrived, so Jordan Brand next went to Chicago. So, it made sense that Jordan Brand next stopped by in New York City at their exclusive Terminal 23 location. The Air Jordan XX9 was showcased there on Terminal 23’s custom Melo court. Along with the two known colorways of the Air Jordan XX9, plenty of other fresh gear was featured at the event.

jordan-xx9-media-wear-test-01In comparison to the Air Jordan XX8, the Air Jordan XX9 is completely different. The launch of the XX8 had been very hush-hush and mysterious. However, this is obviously not the case with the Air Jordan XX9, considering that Jordan Brand is has been giving their loyal fans a chance to try out a pair of this latest signature sneaker in Las Vegas, Chicago, and now at NYC. It is quite apparent that Jordan Brand is far more confident about the XX9 than it was about the Air Jordan XX8.

jordan-xx9-media-wear-test-03Even though the opportunity to rock a pair of the Air Jordan XX9 on court has already passed by, not much time remains for this next signature sneaker in the Air Jordan line to be released. Out of all the other upcoming 2014 and 2015 Jordan release dates, 23 is Back readers should currently have their eyes set on September 6.

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