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Some Jordanheads Upset About Jordan Brand’s Decision To Remaster In 2015

Over the course of the past couple of years, 23isback readers have most likely been keeping track of the tons of old Jordans that have been released by Jordan brand to the world. Sneaker aficionados have actually done a lot in order to cop one or several of these pairs, including paying outrageous amounts of money. In fact, it has gotten so out of hand that seeing someone with a pair of Jordans on their feet does not even impress them anymore, with the exception of a few pairs, considering that so many of them have been released by Jordan Brand. Now, Jordan release 2015 news regarding the release of retros has taken the front seat.

Jordan 10 “Chicago” Jordanheads have been wondering what is so special about the Jordans 2015 release. Well, an announcement was recently made by Jordan Brand that a bunch of their old sneakers were going to be “remastered.” Basically, old Jordans are going to be taken and better materials are going to be used to recreate them, unlike the materials that have been used by them on their previous releases. Then, “depending on the model,” the original releases are going to be sold for more, with almost 10% to 15% higher prices. Theoretically, Jordan Brand’s idea is quite good since better sneakers are going to be released. However, Jordan Brand’s plan has also upset a lot of sneaker enthusiasts—and they cannot really be blamed.

Remastered Jordan 10 “Red Cement” Release 2015By announcing that Jordan sneakers are going to “remastered” next year, Jordan Brand has actually admitted that they did not make some of the previously released sneakers with the best materials possible. Essentially, Jordan fanatics also have to digest the fact that even more money will have to be spent by them in order to get their hands on releases that they may have already copped in the past. Some 23 is Back readers may also think that Jordan Brand is resorting to a bit of a money grab and wants to keep the profits rolling in by continue to release previously released sneakers. Of course, this will probably not stop loyal Jordan fans from anticipating the upcoming Jordans release dates 2015, and it cannot be denied that the “remastered” sneakers will look awesome. The question is: Why didn’t the sneakers look awesome all along.

Remastered Jordan 4 “Teal” release 2015Do you think Jordan Brand is doing the right thing by “remastering” their sneakers? Will you buy these remastered retros once Jordan Brand releases them in 2015?

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  1. This ticks me off cuz they are just slowly making the shoes more money so that they can make it go up to probably 30% more in a few years then hoe much they are now

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