Jordan Brand Pays Tribute To Martin Luther King With “MLK Day” PE Collection

This January 16th, 2017, Americans celebrated Mar Luther King Jr. Day, remembering the legacy of the Civil Rights activist and leader. Along with the African-American civil rights movement, MLK Jr. is also best known for his role in nonviolent protests. Public buildings and schools have been named after him, and there is even a Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Washington’s National Mall. Above all though, Martin Luther King Jr. is a national holiday that truly honors King’s life’s work. It seems that Jordan Brand has its own way of celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day and paying tribute with an entire “MLK Day” PE Collection.

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-2Oddly enough, this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coinciding with the departure of America’s first black president, Barack Obama. Donald Trump, the next president of the United States, continues to struggle with connection with a majority of non-white voters. No doubt, society and world look very different than they did back in Martin Luther King Jr.’s time. However, despite the progress that has taken place, people are still actually struggling for basic human rights and racial struggles are still continue. Regardless, this has not stopped Jordan Brand from joining companies like Apple and Google in paying homage to Martin Luther King Jr.

Jordan Brand is well aware of how Martin Luther King Jr. was firm believer in and supporter of the principles equality and service. The harmony and unity that Jordan Brand and Nike athletes display today in their games reflect those same principles. Apparently, this is what Jordan Brand’s “MLK Day” PE collection is celebrating and to symbolize that, it includes all-Black sneakers. The models that are a part of this collection include the Air Jordan 31, Jordan CP3.X, Jordan Extra.Fly, Jordan Melo M13 and the Jordan Super.Fly 5 PO. As can be seen, all five of these sneakers are dressed up in ominous Black and of course, they will not be hitting the shelves.

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-3Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-4

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-5

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-6

Nike Basketball MLK Day PE Collection-7

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