Are Jordan Brand, Nike SB & Supreme Collaborating For An AJ 1 Release?

23 is Back is here to report on a rumor that will probably make many of the Jordan heads reading this drool. Apparently, Jordan Brand might be looking forward to partaking in a very monumental collaboration. Rumor has it that Jordan Brand, Nike SB and Supreme, the New York-based sneaker store, are going to be collaborating for the release of an Air Jordan 1 pair. Since it is still somewhat of a rumor, readers here can expect a date of release among the Jordan release dates 2015, or even beyond.

nike-sb-x-supreme-x-Air-jordan-1-twitterFor quite some time, Andy Oliver has been doing commendable work with Kith and Shopify, two leading ecommerce stores. This apparently makes him somewhat of a reliable sneaker head and he is the reason this rumors spread in the first place. On July 29, Andy posted a Tweet on his Twitter account that his fellow sneaker heads should keep an eye out for an Air Jordan x Nike SB x Supreme collaboration that might be taking place.

Andy referred to the Tweet as a “gift of sorts for [his] followers” and that a “Supreme Jordan 1 SB” can be expected in the near future. 23 is Back readers might be aware of the fact that several sneakers have been released in the past decade following collaborations between Nike SB and Supreme. However, it has been a long time since Jordan Brand and Nike SB came together. Considering that Jordan Brand has made its way into the skateboarding world, it is not so surprising that Jordan Brand is now going collaborating with one of the most renowned skate brands for the release of a sneaker.

If there is any truth behind this rumor, then it is only natural that the release of this “Supreme Jordan 1 SB” will be surrounded by a lot of hype. In fact, if its date of release is among the Jordan release dates 2015, then these months of waiting will create even more hype.

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