Jordan Brand Has Launched Its Own In-House Blog To Engage WIth Its Customers

These days, blogging and social media seem to go hand in hand. This very post that is currently being read is also posted on a blog, which is likely obvious. In the world of today, sneakers are sold in large volumes and mass releases take place every other day. Consequently, it becomes hard to tell what might be culture and what might be trend. This is where sneaker blogs like this one come in and it seems that Jordan Brand has also taken a step into the blogging niche.

When bloggers need to build an audience and drive traffic, the first place they turn to is the social media. Successful bloggers make the smart choice of using social networks to develop a following by promoting brands and ultimately getting more clicks. The savvy bloggers of today have plenty of opportunities of engaging with the regular readers and attracting new ones through social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Twitter.

To be able to get more traffic to a blog it is important that the visitors find something enjoyable to read when they visit blogs. This will only be possible with the creation of interesting text, and this will ensure that the blog has solid content in it. When creating content that will truly captivate the readers, bloggers should make sure that their content complies with certain factors. The content that bloggers create must be Search Engine Optimised, must be readable, consistent, relevant and unique. Bloggers who post content that meets this criterion on their blogs can expect to generate a substantially large number of traffic.

Currently, Jordan Brand’s revenues are in the billions, which enables them to keep sneakerheads enthusiastic and excited about sneaker releases. Until now though, Jordan Brand has never really delved into giving their take on and reporting on the present day sneaker culture. However, that is apparently changing now because Jordan Brand now has its own in-house blog, which will feature periodic interviews with shoppers, provide insight into major events, and the visitors will even be able to interact with Jordan Brand athletes. The blog’s URL is

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