Jordan Brand Expands The Sizing For GS Air Jordans Up To U.S. 9.5Y

This particular Jordan releases 2015 news will probably get all the small-footed female Jordan heads quite excited. Over the years, girls who love to sport Air Jordan sneakers, including those amongst the 23 is Back reader base, have probably struggled to find the right-sized sneaker to slip their feet into comfortably. However, this will soon change as January 2015 arrives, because Jordan Brand will be dropping certain Grade School sneakers in up to the U.S. 9.5Y size.

Jordan-Brand-Expands-Grade-School-Sizing-for-Girls-4Nike’s announcement basically means that GS-sized Air Jordan sneakers will be available in woman’s size 11. Currently, the maximum size that Air Jordan GS sneakers are generally available in is U.S. 7Y, expansion is basically extending the sizing to 5 half-sizes above. Apparently, Nike and Jordan Brand are making this change based on some scientific reasoning. According to research, once girls reach the age of 12 their shoe size also tends to reach its peak, which obviously means that many 12-year old female Jordan heads have probably found it hard to fit into standard girl jordans.

Jordan-Brand-Expands-Grade-School-Sizing-for-Girls-3Based on their market research, Jordan Brand apparently also reached to another conclusion as well, i.e. the colorways available for male sneaker heads do not suit the preferences of the ladies. Hence, the 2015 lineup of regular-sized Air Jordan sneakers will also include new jordans specifically tailored to feature colors and styles that represent girls and women. This means that classic Air Jordan models will be dressed up in bold and bright hues, while also receiving new style treatment.

Jordan-Brand-Expands-Grade-School-Sizing-for-Girls-5Some of these upcoming Girls GS have already been unveiled. For instance, the Air Jordan 1Verde/Inrared-White,” the Air Jordan 7Dark Grey/Black-White-Fushcia” & “White/Black0Infrared 23-Verde,” and the Air Jordan X “White/Black-Infrared 23-Verde.” No wonder this Jordan releases 2015 has caused so much hype amongst female sneaker heads. So, this Spring 2015, women and kids will have quite a lot of Air Jordan pairs to cop that really fit on their feet and suit their style.Jordan-Brand-Expands-Grade-School-Sizing-for-Girls-6

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