Jordan Brand Drop The Chinese New Year Pack At Two New China Stores

Jordan Brand entered the Chinese market twenty years ago and in 2017, Jordan Brand is celebrating the 20th anniversary of that milestone. Sneakerheads may or may not be familiar with Jordan Brand’s China-exclusive “Commit to Win” campaign, but they have launched two new stores in Chengdu and Taipei as an expansion of that campaign. As a part of their celebration, Jordan Brand also dropped a limited, special version of the Air Jordan 12 since it was the first Air Jordan model to have been sold in China. It is the same version that was meant to be a part of the Chinese New Year Jordan releases 2017.

Chinese New Year Pack-3Jordan Brand’s footprint all over the world is growing larger and larger. China is one of the world’s topmost basketball markets and now Jordan Brand has established two new immersive retail experiences there. Jordan Brand is looking forward to offer basketball enthusiasts and sneakerheads in Chengdu and Taipei splendid new apparel, kicks, and other personalized products and services. The store in Chengdu is named Jordan 1 Hongxing and it is Asia’s large Jordan-exclusive store. It is located in the sub-provincial city’s landmark business circle, the Chengdu International Finance Square. The store will have an in-store court where Jordan Brand’s footwear can be tested and personalized Flight Lab service will also available.

“Commit to Win” patterns will also be featured at Jordan 1 Hongxing, reflecting Michael Jordan’s highlights during the 1996-97 season. Borrowed from the Chinese New Year Pack, even bamboo-themed patterns will be featured. The store in Taipei is named Jordan 16 Songgau and it is Taipei’s largest Jordan-exclusive store. Both customization and Flight Lab services will be provided at the store, while through the “Breakfast Club,” visitors will even be able to undergo training sessions. The Chinese New Year Pack itself was made available on-location once these two stores were finally opened. So far, it is uncertain whether the Chinese New Year Pack will eventually be joining global and stateside Air Jordan releases 2017.

Chinese New Year Pack-2 Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-2

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-5

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-4

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-3

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-7

Air Jordan Chinese New Year Pack-6


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