Jordan Brand Celebrated “Banned” Day With Exclusive & New Releases & Even A Restock

Despite what many sneakerheads have been lead to believe, the tale behind the pair of sneakers that the NBA had banned Michael Jordan from wearing is still shrouded by mystery. It is definitely true that a certain pair of sneakers that Michael Jordan had worn on the court at the advent of his career had gotten banned by the NBA. Within the sneaker community, it is widely believed that it had been a pair of the Air Jordan 1 that had gotten banned. Having become widely known as the Air Jordan 1 “Banned,” an exclusive and limited variation of the sneaker unexpectedly hit the shelves on “Banned” Day.

banned-day-with-exclusive-new-releases-even-a-restock-1Much like today, NBA’s uniform regulations required athletes to wear shoes that matched both the shoes worn by their teammates and their team’s uniform. Despite being banned, Michael Jordan continued to wear his pair of kicks and the tale goes that Nike paid the $5,000 every time the NBA fined him. In recent times, there have been claims that while that kicks that had gotten banned had indeed been Nike sneakers, they had actually been the Nike Air Ship rather than the Air Jordan 1. Of course, the Nike Air Ship has never been re-released till today, while the Air Jordan 1 has made history.

According to Jordan Brand’s history October 18th, 1984 was the day on which the NBA had passed its verdict on Michael Jordan’s sneakers and so it has become known as “Banned” Day. In 2016, Jordan Brand celebrated the occasion with some special releases, 112 W 34th St Foot Locker location in New York. These include a brand new Air Jordan 31Chicago,” an early release of the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe,” and a restock of the Air Jordan 1 “Banned.” However, that is not all.

banned-day-with-exclusive-new-releases-even-a-restock-4Jordan Brand even opened up its own small pop-up shop in New York City at 108 Wooster Street on October 18th, where a limited and special version of the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” was available. This exclusive release was limited to just 501 pairs and despite looking exactly like the “Banned/Bred” iteration, this variation has uppers are made up entirely of satin. The fact that Michael Jordan used to wear satin warmup suits back in the days like inspired this satin rendition, which was available for just $175, but will probably cost far more now.

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