Jordan III “True Blue”

Jordan 3 “True Blue” Tops The Leaked List Of 2015 Jordan Releases

The rumor mill keeps on churning and this time it has coughed up this Jordan release 2015 rumor regarding the upcoming of Jordan 3True Blue” as a part of Jordan Brand’s 2015 remastered kicks. In fact, this is not just a rumor, the name of the True Blue 3 Nike Air is on the very top of the list of Jordan 2015 releases that was recently leaked.

Jordan III “True Blue” 23 is Back has uncovered that Jordan Brand is going to be extending the “remastered” treatment to Jordan 3 “True Blue,” which will apparently be dropped in 2015 with the heel tab featuring Nike Air. Regardless of the absence of a confirmation or a Jordan Brand official statement, this is more than just a rumor considering the leaked list. The True Blue 3 is a colorway that is highly coveted by many sneakerheads, and many of them probably have it on their list of sneakers-to-purchase.

Jordan III “True Blue”  2015 ReleasesIt was back in 2001 when this “White / True Blue” colorway of Jordan 3 Retro+ was released and it made its retail debut at the price of $100. These kicks were very popular at the time, and sneaker enthusiasts did everything they could possibly do to cop a pair. A white leather upper is featured by them with heal, lacing tabs and toe area that have elephant print on them, which was not common back then. It also features really nice blue accents and trimming, which made this shoe even more popular. It was Tinker Hatfield who originally designed Jordan 3. 23isBack would like to reveal some trivia regarding the fact that it was because of Jordan 3 that Michael Jordan decided to remain signed with Nike, because rumor has it that he was planning to walk.

Jordan-3-True-Blue2Next year is definitely the year of remastered 2015 new jordan releases, which apparently will include plates of release dates of Jordan 4s. However, Jordan 3 is not far behind with this Retro+ “True Blue” pair, which will arrive in premium quality.

2 thoughts on “Jordan 3 “True Blue” Tops The Leaked List Of 2015 Jordan Releases”

  1. this article ended up being a waste of time. The true blue 3 is my favorite J of all time. I would have given a ball to have a pair of Nike Air true blue 3’s.

    Whenever they do release the 3s again, I hope the true blue will be among the first on the list. Of coarse any of the OG 3s are badass.

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