Remastered Jordan 10 “Lady Liberty” Scheduled For A 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend Release

Obviously, 23 is Back readers most likely have never seen this Air Jordan 10 colorway before since it was recently unveiled among the many high points of the recent Air Jordan Remastered Preview. Considering its grey upper, this colorway has been fittingly dubbed “Lady Liberty.” It should be apparent that this magnificent new colorway has been directly inspired from the Statue of Liberty that stands tall in Manhattan, in the middle of New York Harbor. This sneaker joins the remastered retros that are all associated with Jordan release dates 2015 for Jordans.

air-jordan-x-10-lady-liberty-03Apart from being the location of the Statue of Liberty, there is another reason that Manhattan holds significance in relation with the release of this Air Jordan 10 pair. Rumor has it that it is during the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2015 that these “Lady Liberty” colorway is going to be released. The All-Star Weekend will be taking place between the Barclays and MSG Center in New York City.

air-jordan-x-10-retro-lady-liberty-0323isBack readers are probably are of Jordan Brand’s reputation to put on a magnificent show during the All-Star Weekend Gala that is hosted by the NBA every year. It should be apparent that this “All-Star Weekend” shoe that is scheduled to be released in 2015 will be a really special new jordans. Following up on the fact that retro models are being remodeled, it is only natural that this new colorway of the Air Jordan 10 is making a retail debut.

air-jordan-10-lady-liberty-2015-retro-2It is obvious that premium leather is being exhibited by the grey upper of the sneaker, which has a somewhat worn appearance. At the same time, some contrast is added to this sneaker by the collar and upper trimming, which is in black. To add to the “Lady Liberty” feel, this sneaker also features teal accents, along with a cement outsole and bronze Jumpman logos.

Although is no confirmed release date that could be posted here on 23 is Back. However, the remastered Air Jordan 10 “Lady Liberty” can be expected to be associated with Jordan release dates 2015, specifically a date around the NBA All-Star Weekend next year.

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