Jimmy Rollins Has Once Again Received A Jordan 6 PE From Jordan Brand

There are likely plenty of Jordanheads who are as much fans of baseball as they are of basketball. There are also probably many who are fans of the Chicago White Sox and their infielder, Jimmy Rollins. As of now, Jimmy Rollins’ offensive performance this season has not exactly been impressive and he himself is not satisfied with it. However, Jimmy is a veteran shortstop of the White Sox and it seems that his confidence is not going to decline because of his present shortcomings. Perhaps the fact that Jordan Brand has once again made an Air Jordan 6 PE for him will boost his morale.

Jordan-6-PE-1Over the course of his career, Jimmy Rollins has made a total of 2,232 plate appearances, which is quite impressive. The previous season from last year proved to be unfortunate for him since he was struggling with and recovering from injuries mostly. Even though 30% of the present campaign has passed, Jimmy claims that he is much better and healthier now. Fortunately for him, he knows how to swing and get hits, and he has admitted that he hopes to contribute more this season. Even though he is not an NBA athlete, this is not the first time he has received a Player Exclusive sneaker from Jordan Brand.

Despite being an MLB athlete, Jimmy Rollins is still essentially a member of Team Jordan and by now, Jordanheads are probably well aware that this has its perks. Back when Jimmy was a part of the Philadelphia Phillies roster, he had once rocked an Air Jordan 6 PE on the diamond, which had been exclusive design for him. The Air Jordan 6 PE seen here is a Turf version and its ballistic mesh and leather uppers are dressed almost entirely in Red with Blue and White detailing. For the time being, Jimmy Rollins is the only one who will be able to lace up in this sneaker.

air-jordan-vi-6-jimmy-rollins-phillies-turf-pe-2_o7v277Air Jordan 6 Jimmy Rollins Phillies Turf PE

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