JB Mimics Hender Scheme’s Style With This Jordan 1 Pinnacle “Vachetta Tan”

Hender Scheme, the footwear and leather goods brand based out of Tokyo, Japan, took the sneaker community by storm after creating costly, high-quality replicas of retro Air Jordan silhouettes. Even though many sneakerheads have paid hefty prices for a pair of one of Hender Scheme’s Air Jordan replica, this has not affected any upcoming jordan releases 2015 in any way. In fact, the demand for original Air Jordan sneakers is at an all time high and Jordan Brand recently revealed that even they could drop a sneaker in a style matching that of Hender Scheme.

Air-Jordan-1-Pinnacle-Vachetta-Tan-1Although there are currently numerous premier sneaker customizers in the world, Jordan Brand can take legal action against Hender Scheme if they want to, but they have not done so. While Jordan Brand and Hender Scheme are not exactly competing against one another, Jordan Brand seems to have opted for a much clever strategy to maintain their position at the top of the sneaker game. The Japanese brand has become known for its pristine Air Jordan replicas that are made up of tan leather and Jordan Brand decided to whip up an official Air Jordan colorway making use of the same material.

As of lately, the Pinnacle iterations have been the most premium version versions of Jordan Brand’s first signature model. This is how the Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle ended up serving as the canvas for the “Vachetta Tan,” which is the first official Air Jordan sneaker featuring the use of this material. Of course, the upper is dressed up in Vachetta Tan leather, which has been paired with a contrasting white midsole and outsole, while its premium and pristine appeal has been further enhanced by bronze accents.

Air-Jordan-1-Pinnacle-Vachetta-Tan-3September 12th has been confirmed for the Jordan release 2015 of the Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle “Vachetta Tan.” Sneakerheads eager to get their hands a pair of this premium official Air Jordan sneaker should keep in mind that tan leather is not a cheap material, so they should not be surprised that this sneaker will retail for $400.

Air-Jordan-1-Pinnacle-Vachetta-Tan-2Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle Vachetta Tan
Release Date: September 12, 2015
705075-201 | $400


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