Jasmine Jordan Poses Laced Up In A Never-Before-Seen Air Jordan 1 High Colorway

Being one of Michael Jordan’s children obviously has many special privileges. Take Marcus Jordan, for instance. As of lately, Michael Jordan’s son has been avid flaunting his hauls of exclusive Air Jordan sneakers on his Twitter account and he has even announced that he intends to open his own sneaker boutique next year. However, Jasmine Jordan is not far behind when it comes to showing off sneaker gems, she even has a model named after her. This time around, Jasmine has been spotted previewing a never-before-seen Air Jordan 1 High colorway on her Instagram account and there is currently no news about its 2015 jordan release dates.

jordan-1-retro-high-og-green-croc-01It is a well known fact that Jasmine Jordan is as much of a sneakerhead as her father and brother. She frequently posts photos of herself wearing sneakers from her father’s signature Air Jordan series. MJ’s 22-year-old daughter has already contributed to the design of a sneaker silhouette, which was named the Jordan Jasmine after her. Just recently, Jasmine Jordan posted a selfie photo on her Instagram account that took the sneaker community by storm because of the Air Jordan 1 High colorway she can be seen laced up in.

Soon after, a detailed, close-up photo of this Air Jordan 1 rendition was shared by Instagram user @justjaes, providing Jordanheads their first proper look at this new sneaker. It is obvious that this Air Jordan iteration features a premium construction and its upper appears to be dressed up in a bright green hue, while it also sports an embossed synthetic reptilian texture all over as well. The sneaker also appears to be equipped with an embossed Jordan Wings logo, a gum sole and a metallic gold Nike Swoosh logo.

jordan-1-retro-high-og-green-croc-1So far, neither Jasmine Jordan nor @justjaes has provided any further information regarding when the Jordan release 2015 of this new colorway can be expected. In fact, it is not even certain whether this new Air Jordan 1 High colorway will even hit the shelves or if it is just another exclusive that only Michael Jordan’s daughter will be able to rock.

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