Is Jordan Brand Not Going To Introduce More Signature Basketball Sneaker Models Now?

Almost every Jordan release date that has arrived this year so far has been from Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan basketball shoes line. However, in recent times the brand has also spread its roots into a wide range of other niches within the athletics and sports world, whether it is running or training, or even lifestyle and streetwear.

At the moment, Russell Westbrook is one of the most charged and intense players in the sport of basketball, yet even he has not managed to secure a signature model with Jordan Brand. Instead, the Air Jordna 29 is currently his sneaker of choice to lace up on the court. Jordan Brand has even exploited the fact that Russell’s fashion sense by releasing a lifestyle-inclined model named after him in the form of the Jordan Westbrook 0. Although Nike Basketball has been doing the same with their NSW department, but that has not been the case when it comes to other up and coming talent. Even Blake Griffin, who happens to be a marketable talent in the NBA, has a signature silhouette that does not contain his name, i.e. the Jordan Super.Fly 4.

Whether sneakerheads want to believe it or not, the modern performance basketball models that Jordan Brand has created have not been selling. Those within the sneaker community who happen to be basketball enthusiasts are not currently in favor of recent signatures like the Jordan CP3 shoes and Jordan Melo. Apart from the court, sneakerheads are not fond to lacing up in these recent silhouettes in their everyday lives and apparently the problem is that Jordan Brand is forced to compete against their own parent company, i.e. Nike.

As a result, Jordan Brand is losing confidence in the sales of their performance basketball sneakers that are affiliated with other athletes. Jordan Brand has apparently realized that currently profits can only be made within the Air Jordan retro, and the casual running and training markets in the United States. Even though Jordan Brand has plenty of exhilarating prospects, such as Jabari Parker, sneakerheads are wondering if there will ever be a Jordan release 2015 or 2016 related to a new basketball model.

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