Eminem Gifted The 3rd Re-Released Air Jordan 4 “Encore” Pair To LeBron James

Following the release of his fifth studio album back in 2005, Eminem collaborated with Jordan Brand to release a special, limited edition iteration of the Air Jordan 4. Ultimately, only family and friends ended up receiving pairs of the sneaker. A pair of the sneaker went up on sale at Flight Club back in 2013 and was eventually purchased at a price of $37,500. Back in 2017, Eminem and StockX auctioned off 1 of the only 23 pairs of that Air Jordan 4 that were produced and managed to raise $70,000 for the Marshall Mathers Foundation. Apparently, the Eminem x Air Jordan 4 “Encorse” has popped up once again.

Back in 2015, Eminem and Jordan Brand collaborated once again, but this time U.S.-based apparel company Carhartt was also a part of the collaboration. It was not surprising that this collaboration once again revolved around the Air Jordan 4. The Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 did not end up hitting the shelves, but ten pairs of the sneaker were eventually auctioned off. The bids for each of those ten pairs ultimately wound up reaching approximately $20,000. The proceeds gathered from the auctions were for the benefit of the “Literacy Through Songwriting Program.”

Out of the 23 re-released pairs of the Eminem x Air Jordan 4 that were produced back in 2005, it turns out that Michael Jordan was the one to receive the first pair. The collaboration made headlines last year and although it will not be joining upcoming Air Jordan releases 2018, it has suddenly returned. The second pair from those 23 was auctioned off. It turns out that Eminem gifted the third pair to LeBron James, who unveiled photos of his brand new sneaker through his Instagram story. While Jordan Brand will not be dropping the remaining 20 pairs, it is likely that they will end up being auctioned.

Air Jordan 4 “Encore

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