DJ Khaled Has Copped Some Of The Must-Have Air Jordan Releases Of 2016

Just about every sneakerhead reading this could ever imagine owning a watch that costs more than their home. For someone like DJ Khaled though, this should not be a problem since he now does actually own a watch that costs more than most average American houses. Earlier this week, DJ Khaled was interviewed by Extra and he was clad in quite the unconventional attire, which include a silk bomber jacket. Apart from his outfit, another thing that stood out about him was the bedazzling watch strapped around his wrist. It turns out DJ Khaled has also been busy sneaker shopping because he recently shared a photo of his latest haul.

dj-khaled-2The watch that DJ Khaled appeared to be wearing during his interview for Extra is apparently a Patek Philippe Nautilus covered almost entirely in diamonds. 2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Nautilus, a watch that is usually outrageously expensive and not within the budget of an average individual. In fact, Nautilus watches are somewhat collectibles and happen to be extremely rare, which should explain why they are so costly. On average, the price of a simple stainless steel Nautilus is approximately $25,000. Astonishingly DJ Khaled’s Patek Philippe Nautilus is worth $300,000 because of all the diamonds on it, while a similar model is also available for $260,000.

By now, anyone reading this probably already knows about all or most of 2016’s must-have Jordan releases that will arrive at retailers soon. For those who do not, DJ Khaled decided to do them a favor by providing them a glimpse of some of those kicks in a single photo. DJ Khaled’s Instagram is as famous as him and his music, and that is where he shared the photo that is featured here. As can be seen in the photo, sneakers that are now part of his collection include the upcoming Air Jordan 1Reverse Shattered Backboard,” Air Jordan 6 PinnacleMetallic Gold,” Air Jordan 12 OVO “White,” and the SoleFly x Air Jordan 31.

Unlike DJ Khaled, sneakerheads will have to wait to get their hands on these sneakers. Fortunately, it is not like they will not be able to cop a pair of any of these sneakers, considering that all of them are scheduled to hit the shelves later this year.

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