Dez Bryant Received Brand New Air Jordan 1 PE Colorways From Jordan Brand

Fans of American football may or may not know that Dez Bryant is left handed. This fact seemingly became known recently and it was surprising for Dez himself that people did not know this already. Earlier this week, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions. Dez, who is the Cowboys’ wide receiver, did something many people could simply not believe. On a trick play, he threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten while the latter was in a tight end. At least, sneakerheads likely know about his close ties with Jordan Brand, so it should be no surprise to them that he has received new Air Jordan PEs.

air-jordan-1-pe-2It turns out that Dez Bryant can do many of the same things with his right hand that he does with his left one. Apparently, he can bat with either of his two hands, throw with either of his two hands, and kick with either of his two feet. Even the Detroit Lions themselves were quite surprised by the throw that Dez made with his left hand. Dez himself described his throw as “perfect,” crediting both his coach Scott Linehan and his teammate Joe Looney for it. According to Dez Bryant, the play was extended all thanks to “what Joe Looney did.”

Jordan Brand has constantly sent out upcoming Air Jordan releases to Dez Bryant weeks and months before they actually drop them off at retailers. Of course, Dez has also received his fair share of PE sneakers from Jordan Brand as well, such as the ones seen here. As can be seen in the photos, Dez has apparently received two different Air Jordan 1 PE colorways that Jordan Brand likely whipped up exclusively for him. One of them is dressed up in a Blue, Silver and White color scheme inspired by the Dallas Cowboys, while the other is a tonal Orange-colored rendition inspired by the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Dez’s former team.

air-jordan-1-pe-3The fact that these sneakers are player exclusives becomes obvious from the Dez’s “X” logo featured on the inside of each tongue, and his signature can be spotted on all four insoles. Hence, these Air Jordan 1 PE colorways that Dez Bryant received will definitely not be hitting the shelves.

air-jordan-1-pe-4Air Jordan 1 PE

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