This Cosmos-Themed Westbrook 0.2 Seems Like It Is Inspired By Space Jam

Michael Jordan’s professional basketball career had been full of challenging yet unforgettable moments. During the Eastern Conference Finals back in March 1989, the Chicago Bulls had ended up losing to the Detroit Pistons and Michael Jordan came very close to becoming the NBA athlete with the most consecutive triple-doubles. Wilt Chamberlin already had an NBA record of nine consecutive triple-doubles and MJ managed to score seven straight triple-doubles during that game. This Friday, Russell Westbrook impressed everyone by match Michael’s record. While Russell revels in the glory of his new record, sneakerheads can go ahead and cop a new colorway of his signature sneaker, the Jordan Westbrook 0.2.

jordan-westbrook-0-2-galaxy-2During the recent game between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook ended up becoming the second NBA athlete with a record of seven straight triple-doubles. Thanks to Westbrook, especially the 48 triple-doubles he has made throughout his career, the Oklahoma City Thunder currently has an overall record of 42-6. As for the current season, the Oklahoma City Thunder has a 9-2 record. Russell’s performance makes him one of the leading candidates to be named the next NBA Most Valuable Player. Michael Jordan won five NBA MVP awards in his career and it seems that Russell Westbrook might come close to matching him in that too.

As sneakerheads may know, Jordan Brand seems to have incorporated Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler into its “Space Jam” campaign. However, not only did Russell Westbrook not appear in the film, it even seems that he has no connection with Jordan Brand’s “Space Jam” apparel and footwear collection. That does not mean Jordan Brand has forgotten about him. In fact, his lifestyle silhouette has suede uppers that have been dressed up in a Galaxy-like, nearly all-Black color scheme, which somewhat appears to be Space Jam-inspired too.

jordan-westbrook-0-2-galaxy-3Even though Jordan Brand has not claimed so, this Westbrook 0.2 also appears to be somewhat celebrating the 20th anniversary of Space Jam. Regardless, this Cosmos-/Space Jam-inspired iteration of the Westbrook 0.2 is already available in youth sizes viz Jimmy Jazz.

Jordan Westbrook 0.2 “Galaxy”

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